Monday, 15 July 2013

Money Supermarket's Charcoal Challenge

After being a little too late to apply for Money Supermarket's Big Night In, I was asked if I wanted to take part in their Charcoal Challenge. Who could say no? Being given £50 to show how I have a BBQ was the perfect idea, especially with the fabulous weather we are having, and it being my grandma's birthday at the weekend. 

So, I was given a rather generous £50 to show how I have a BBQ, and I definitely looked forward to spending that!

I bought lots of different pieces, mainly vegetables/fruits, lovely vintage style drinks, and plenty of meats for the BBQ. I have a 'no burger' policy for our BBQ, and normally have a 'no sausage' policy as well but decided for today I would let this slide. My family regularly have BBQ's and we aren't restricted to having them when the sun is shining either, we have been known many a time to be stood out in the rain with gigantic brollies! 

So what did I buy?
I spent £6 on some cute plastic plates and a plastic jug pitcher (for the Sangria!), along with some cute paper doilies and a cocktail straw selection which cost around £3. 
I spent a lovely sum of £25 on meats and fish for the BBQ - all marinaded in our not-so-secret BBQ sauces. 
The remainder was spent on fresh fruit and vegetables for the salads and fruit platter we had at the end. 
We already had bottles of wine in stock!

I made a lovely bacon and potato salad and a coleslaw mix too. Along with a jazzy looking salad and some fancily cut radishes!

I bought some lovely vintage looking drinks, which tasted divine! Who doesn't love a good bottle of ginger beer? We had these along with a nice home made Sangria. 

The BBQ itself was amazing! We had such a large array of food, from kebab skewers with different fillings, to lamb chops, king prawns, my famous Chinese inspired lamb skewers (with thanks to the husband), Cumberland sausages and rib-eye steak. Mmmmm. Steak is my favourite. 

We topped all this off with a fruit platter, with melted dark chocolate (which silly me didn't take a photo of!). Along with a large Victoria sponge birthday cake! Scrummy!

What do you think you would spend your £50 on for the challenge?

I would just like to say a big thank you to Money Supermarket for making my grandma's 84th birthday spectacular! Normally we celebrate by going out and having a family meal, but this was really lovely.


  1. Drool! If only I owned a barbecue! X

    1. Ours is a brick built one my dad built around 25 years ago! x

  2. You did so well with your $82.76! (yes, I had to convert it haha) Well done, but where is the bunting? ;) xx

    1. Haha you geek! That isn't as much as I thought it would be, I sort of expected more $100! It'll be up on Friday, I wanted to keep y'all in suspense hehe x