Thursday, 25 July 2013

eSalon Review: Customised Hair Colour

I first saw eSalon advertised on Facebook, with them being an American company I haven't seen much of them in the UK yet. I was intrigued by what they offer: custom hair colour suited to your needs. So pretty much what you get in the hair salon yeah? But at a fraction of the cost. 

It's so simple to follow the steps on the way to finding your perfect colour. You choose your natural hair colour, your percentage of grey, if your hair has any colour treatments at the moment, the colour of your hair at the moment, and then let the eSalon specialists know if there is anything you want fixing or altering. 

So my hair is naturally dark blonde, lucky me has no grey, permanent dye, the colour was a horrid ombre with a reddish/auburn brown colour. What did I want? Well, I wanted a dark brown ash colour, and I asked specifically if there was anything they could do to remove the auburn and red tones in my colour. You can choose how often you want the dye to be sent as well, so whether you dye your hair monthly or three monthly, and it costs around $19.95 so roughly around £13 including postage from the USA. I was lucky to receive mine as a PR sample. 

Sure the cost is a little more expensive than what you would buy in the shop, but if you only need to dye your hair two monthly it works out the same price. But I feel you receive a lot more love and care with these hair colours.

So what did I get?
In the box I got a personalised note of how my hair colour was made up. 

Along with the colour and developer, I got an accessories kit. 

This contained:
Two pairs of gloves, a colour shampoo and conditioner, a stain guard (Vaseline) and a stain remover cloth - these were a really lovely touch to the kit. 

The little personalised note and the kit were a really lovely touch to the package. And I think I was lucky, it came within 3-5 working days as well which is pretty fast postage. Everything was in good condition and well packaged too so nothing was at all damaged. 

The instructions were pretty simple and as normal, mix and apply, leave for around 25 minutes and then wash off with the shampoo and conditioner for shine. The interesting part was when you wash your dye off, add a little water to the bottle which has remaining hair dye in and apply to your hair (in the shower of course). This helps to remove some of the hair dye from your scalp and leaves extra shine. 

The verdict
So what did I think?

The dye was normal, really good, but had a very strong smell which was a little too much for me. I'm not sure whether that's because I'm pregnant but I had to keep walking out of the bathroom (which was extremely well ventilated) just to catch my breath. 

You could definitely see the neutraliser and ash work, there was a tint of purple within the hair dye which was really useful. It's hard to see from the 'after' photo, but most of the red tones have been covered and are a lot less noticeable. My colour isn't quite the ash I would have liked it to be, there are still a few warm tones but it is definitely an improvement which I would not have been able to achieve with regular hair colour. 

I will definitely be giving this product 10/10!

I would definitely recommend this as an alternative to going to the hair salon and paying around £40-£70 for a full head of hair colour. 

EDIT: Since uploading this post: right now, eSalon has a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom colour kit for £6.45 (a 50% savings!) plus postage, with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Go here to give it a try!

This product was given to me as a PR sample, but doesn't affect the fact I thought it was amazing!


  1. Ooooh this sounds really intriguing! The results do look great, too. I'm so fed up of paying a fortune at hairdressers when it never turns out the way you'd want it- this sounds like the perfect solution! xx

    1. Well I might just have a special code coming your way x

  2. This sounds amazing! I've never heard of this before and the results look fantastic.

  3. Do you know if this works for blonde shades?