Thursday, 11 July 2013

1 Year/£100 Beauty Challenge

After seeing this post from A Thrifty Mrs, I decided I would definitely try giving this beauty challenge a go. I know that quite a few months back I was trying to do a spending challenge, and lets be honest, that completed failed before it got started. I fell back into my old ways of spending quite ridiculously and left it there really.

This time I don't really have much of an option of sticking to it, with Dumpling on the way in less than six months, I feel this challenge has come at a good time. I don't have much space myself and the majority of it is taken up by silly 3 for 2's on cosmetics from Boots and Superdrug. I think I have more Soap & Glory products than you can actually shake a stick at, so I really could do with having the extra drawer space for mundane things like nappies...

I did come back with China with enough Korean cosmetics and beauty products to probably last me the next year alone, so hopefully this will give me a good opportunity to start using them. Also, I've ended up sticking bundles of cosmetics on eBay as I have that much that I will never use.

So how will this work?
Well, I will end up with around £8.33 per month to spend on beauty products. I will let myself save this up so I might be able to 'splash out' the following month and have a little more to spend.

In this budget I have to include:
General beauty products
Skincare products
Shower gels and bubble baths (like I said, I have loads of these stacked up from my birthday and Christmas last year)
Beauty treatments - such as having my hair done, hair dyes, eyebrow waxing, nail treatments

I won't be including:
Any medication
Baby products - things like stretch mark cream and nipple cream
Sanitary products

I really feel like this is a challenge I can actually stick to. I have loads stock piled from last year which are unopened and I can make last for another several months. I still have plenty of products received from blogger meet ups and PR/sample products which I have not tested yet, so overall I think this will do me very good. It also gives me a lot more to blog about as I know I've been lacking on the old post front lately.

Hopefully, it might make me look at money from a different perspective as well as I know I can't be as silly as I used to be. Having my nails done every month for £30+ and a quick spend in Boots/Superdrug at around £40+ a go can't be done any more! If I total up my monthly spends on beauty products they will easily come to around £100, that doesn't include what I buy online!

I'll be keeping monthly tabs on myself too of what I spend, probably doing it in a mini haul way. So expect to see me this time at the beginning of next month with a lovely little update!

This is a scheduled post from, I did begin this challenge from the beginning of July.


  1. good luck! i'd fail miserably!

  2. Good luck! I'm not much of a "beauty product" person. I'd probably spend less than that a year anyway haha :) I'd like to call myself frugal, but it's probably more lazy and clueless than anything! I didn't even own a lipstick until this year. xx