Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Mocktail

When I was contacted about trying out a new pre-mixed cocktail, my heart sank slightly (being pregnant and not being able to drink blah blah), until I saw they had mocktails! Cocktails are my favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, and I could drink them for hours. I really enjoyed fruit juices and sweet drinks so these were bound to go down a treat!

I received them on Friday morning, and couldn't wait to get set in on them! Now, as they are pretty much fruit juices, I do drink them by the glassful, which is all good when they have no alcohol in them! The good thing about them being pre-mixed, is that on the packaging it tells you which tipple to add should you want a proper cocktail, so even though I can't drink at the moment, I still have the option to add a bit of alcohol for others who wish to partake. 

So, I asked for the Woo Woo and Pina Colada flavour. And these did not disappoint. They taste just like the real thing! (Whilst one minor tipple isn't included!). As I said above, normally I would just tip them into a pint glass and drink them like that, but for the purposes of a photo (and I know it's a bit retro etc) I thought I would jazz up a glass... Sugar and 70's style...

The Woo Woo is made from peach and cranberry juice, and the Pina Colada is pineapple with coconut milk. I found the Woo Woo to be a lot more refreshing over ice, nice for the summer days we are starting to have! 

These can be picked up from ASDA at £1.97, which for a litre pack isn't much different in price than buying normal bottled juices, but you can notice the difference. Whether you just fancy treating yourself on a weekend or, just like me, like drinking them for the fun of it, you might as well give them a try! You can also find their full range, including pre-mixed cocktails on their site here

What do you think? Would you be trying a mocktail any time soon? 


  1. I don't drink alcohol but the mocktails sound lovely, ideal for the nice weather that's suddenly starting to appear. At least you're able to have the mocktails whilst you're pregnant!

  2. Those look sooo delicious! xx