Saturday, 15 June 2013

MumKind: Ginger Me Baby Lozenges

As I've been suffering from extremely bad morning sickness, which has warranted me being off work for a few weeks, the fab people over at MumKind have sent me a few packs of 'Ginger Me Baby Lozenges' to help. 

(Image sourced from MumKind)

The lozenges contain both ginger and chamomile which help settle your stomach and have soothing properties to calm you down. The come in a small plastic tub which can be recycled and used for baby food, or other other trinkets, and the lozenges themselves come in clear packets making them look like boiled sweets - which is great if you start with morning sickness early on in your pregnancy and haven't told anyone yet. 

I find I most need them during my morning and evening commutes, and these really help. The ginger is very strong, but I'm a fan of ginger and they taste amazing! I couldn't really taste the chamomile but I think it's a subtle flavour, and perhaps just there for the calming properties. 

I wish I had found these earlier on in my pregnancy when I first started with morning sickness as they would have done the world of good for me. 

These retail at £3.99 from the MumKind website, and you get a 48g tub. 


  1. OOOH these sound like a great idea! I had nausea every day for the first trimester and although I kinda just got on with it, I think these would've been great to suck on throughout the day. xx

  2. They sound quite good, especially as there is so little out there to help combat morning sickness! Xo