Friday, 17 May 2013

Wish wish wish... Another wish list!

After seeing everyone's wish lists lately I've decided it's time for another wish list post. Now there is a slight twist on this one, as yep, I want a pram and a matching coffee cup holder... Yep, you can tell I'm pregnant. 

I must admit though, since finding out I'm pregnant I've stopped having such an interest in buying things and have become more sensible. What's happened to the old Mish? Someone help me get her back... 

You are right, that is a donut...

I'm really tempted to buy one of the Liz Earle sample packs as I want to try Cleanse and Polish, any thoughts on what this is really like? 


  1. A donut is appropriate for every wishlist! xxx

  2. Defiantly try the Liz Earl I was unsure so I was lucky my sister bought it so i could cheekily try it. It's amazing, worth a try.
    Little Blonde Life

  3. OOH! Now i want a donut! That means leaving the house though :/