Thursday, 16 May 2013

OOTD: The Jinan edition.

Jinan is the capital of Shandong province and where my husband originates from. It's a gorgeous city and is absolutely MASSIVE! I never thought it would be so big, but hell, it was. They have some amazing shops, obviously high end and completely out of my reach, but there is a lot more to do as well. 

This is me just hanging around during the day in their city centre, Jinan has a lot of springs which is what it's famous for. Nice to have a walk next to the river with all the skyscraper building in the distance. Everywhere I went I adored the contrast of old and new.

On this day I wore:
Primark polka dot and lace shirt dress, leggings, Primark lazer cut tan pumps, my New Look blazer duh, and a bag the MIL bought me but I couldn't manage to bring it back with me!

On this day we went to Thousand Buddha Mountain, and yes, there are a lot of Buddha statues to visit so obviously we didn't manage to see them all. This is when I started wearing my wig and people stopped looking at me inquisitively trying to work out what my race was haha. 

Today I wore:
Primark baroque print shirt dress, H&M black cardigan, leggings, Primark tan lazer cut pumps, and one of the two satchels I brought back from China! 


  1. That satchel is so nice, I have serious bag envy.

    Charlotte xx

  2. That wig looks awesome on you! I always love your outfits xx

  3. Amazing outfits, amazing city. Very jealous of your trip! xx

  4. Love this outfit!!! The detail in the jacket is fab. Work it missy.

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