Friday, 17 May 2013


Sooooo I've been a little behind with posts lately, especially my #BEDM posts buuuuut I've had severe baby nausea resulting in me being a lot more sick than I could have ever imagined and pretty much needing to sleep all the time. It's not pleasant and I've spent the past week crying all the time about it. Oh and anti-emetics haven't touched it in the slightest. Lovely.

So a little pregnancy update: After my post last week obviously I'm a week on so around 7 weeks now, yay, and also discovered I have varicose veins. NICE. Just what I always wanted, thank you. The pregnancy headaches have started, which apparently are because I'm a migraine sufferer and can get worse throughout, teamed with throwing up all the time is not a nice feeling. And another thing to add, the luxury of having a UTI which apparently could be a reason why I'm feeling a lot more worse for wear. I did have a list of things to blog about but at the moment in time can't find it (baby brain) and can't remember what I wanted to list... I'm sure these will come to me later, I might edit it when they do, either that or whack on another post.

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