Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My FAVOURITE Japanese Beauty Skincare Item Revealed... Cure: Natural Aqua Gel

Cure's Natural Aqua Gel has been one of my favourite beauty and skincare products for quite a while now. When I saw my first review of this product in a haul video quite some time ago, I knew I had to buy this as I struggle with exfoliators being too harsh on my skin and get slightly annoyed having to constantly rub them in and wash them off. 

This is where this product is different. It's natural so no harsh chemicals on the skin to make it burn or leave it red, and it's a water gel, which means the application is so easy. You only need to pop a small dot on your skin and rub. Now as you rub, you will notice that your skin begins to peel. The product peels off you dead skin. Without being harsh. I have no idea how that works! This is possibly the most easiest exfoliator on the market to use.

Now all I simply did when I finished using the product was wash it off and et voila, all done and dusted. Nice, clean, exfoliated and soft skin without any harshness or red marks. 

Now here comes the downside, the price and how to get hold of the product. I really struggled with trying to source this without using eBay, but Amazon were still the same price. It rocks in at about £30 which might not be much depending on your budget but to others could be very expensive however, with the amount you need to use, this will last a long time, so this product is definitely worth it's weight in gold.

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  1. This sounds great! I bloody love a good exfoliator. My favourite is from the Body Shop but it can be quite harsh on my skin. Maybe I'll have to fork out for this one eh?! xx