Friday, 3 May 2013

John Lewis | Ted Baker

I've always been a fan of John Lewis, and even more so now Leeds will be getting a shiny new store, which hopefully will be open in 2016 *fingers crossed*. So until then, as I'm not a big traveller, I resort to their online store, much like many people do nowadays. 

When I was approached to do a feature post working with Ted Baker I jumped at the chance. I've always been a fan of Ted Baker, and now they have their new range online with John Lewis, I couldn't resist a sneak peek at their very versatile range of clothing and accessories! I thought I would create a little wish list of clothing that I would definitely love to see myself wearing this Spring/Summer (if Spring actually does turn up... Lets not go into that yet). 

So using their extremely simple browse option in womenswear and accessories, I've come up with my  three key pieces which I think can be the staple for any outfit this season. 

We all know how fond I am of satchels, but I thought I would have a change in my style for this post and have gone for something a little more brighter than my usual tan ensemble. This is where the neon Bigcon Ikon shopper bag comes in handy. Now I have a few more assignments due at Uni and find myself having to cart a lot more books around, but this bag is extremely sturdy and can take the weight without looking dull. Definitely an item to set any outfit off. 

My second wish list item is this Rufia Blazer. I live in Summer with blazers on as I feel they can inject class into any outfit, and luckily, manage to go with any outfit. I fell in love with this one because of the double breasted button fastening and tailored finish. And to top it off, the light nude pink pastel shade of the jacket will match anything pastel this season, so it's a win-win situation all round!
And last, but certainly not least, is probably my favourite from the John Lewis | Ted Baker website. And this will come with no surprise to anyone, has a print. I'm a big sucker for anything with a cute print, especially this polka dot dress, and this does not disappoint! I'm a big fan of shirt dresses as I'm bottom heavy and I always feel having a belt at the waist makes me look a little less chunky. The nude base with neutral toned polka dots is a fantastic combination as you can make anything match with this dress. Such a great addition to any wardrobe for wearing to work, dressing casually for a shopping trip, or jazzing up for a night out. 

At the moment my finger is hovering over the checkout button on the John Lewis website... Hehe.

So what do you all think of my wish list?
Is there anyone you would all like as an addition to your wardrobe?
And have I inspired you to pursue your online shopping urges?
You can thank me for your new purchases, but not your ever decreasing bank account...

*This is a sponsored post*


  1. I'd always dismissed Ted Baker as 'just not my thing' but they seem to have really stepped up their game (or I've become more open minded) because I love so many of their things at the moment!

  2. I'm glad you think this, because actually I felt exactly the same! Nice to see they have such an amazing range of clothing which I could definitely see myself in now x

  3. Lovvvvvve the shirt dress! Really wearable, I quite fancy it myself. Good choices Michelle!xx

    1. Why thank you my dear. I'm really in love with this dress myself! SIGH. x

  4. I love their bags! I have the bigcon icon bag in red, which I don't use enough as its huge. The green one is gorgeous :)


  5. Oh god I love that dress so much! I think I wont be able to go on without having it in my life.... x