Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Graze: Good Breakfast Club

I jumped back on the Graze box bandwagon the other day just because I miss lots of cute, exciting chocolate pots and cakes through the post. I noticed they do a breakfast box now full of different porridges with honey. Now I rarely eat breakfast so I thought it might be a good idea to give this a go. As it was invite only I searched high and low on Google for a code to be a VIP to this box! 

You get four porridges, some with honey, and it's the usual Graze malarkey: nice presentation with an instruction booklet. Today I had the almond and cherry one and I must admit it was far better than I imagined. Although the oats still come in a packet, they taste fresher and more real than Oats so Simple or other quick oats boxes. And they take the same time, 2 mins in the microwave. 

I'm really looking forward to tying tomorrow's breakfast too! 

If you fancy giving their breakfast box a go, you can use code C9JR17Y as it's still invite only at the moment. 


  1. Oh my that sounds and looks delish!

  2. I've signed up for this and my first one should be coming through next week, after seeing this I'm looking forward to it x

  3. I half like the idea of this, but because a bag of oats is so cheap anyway I'm not sure this would be worth the money. I do love that they include a variety of flavours though :) xxx