Thursday, 23 May 2013

EtudeHouse Water Color Blusher: Lilac

I've recently been inspired to change the blusher colour I constantly use. I have two Sleek palettes, one coral, one pink. And these are the only colours I will use. Lately I've seen a few bloggers embracing the lilac look and I decided to give it a try. Trying to find a lilac blusher proved hard enough, but one at a reasonable price was even tougher than I thought. Until I came across one from my favourite Korean brand EtudeHouse. I paid around £5 including postage for this product, from eBay, which was delivered from Incheon, South Korea, within a week. Pretty good I hear some of you chanting!

I always adore the packaging of their products, which is probably why I always go back for more. This liquid blusher comes in a super cute water colour paint tube! I chose shade 04 lilac, and it lives up to it's expectations. 

The application is really smooth and you only need a little as the pigment is really good. As it's liquid it's really bendable so you can have as little or as much coverage as you want. It dries to a really nice matt powder finish which I really liked. Although, it is stubborn to take off so maybe is waterproof as well. 

I definitely think I will be rocking this look as it just adds a pop of different colour to your cheeks, looking slightly futuristic without going all out silver. As I like the formula so much I might end buying a few more in the collection. 


  1. I was indeed chanting "pretty good"! I haven't seen any lilac blushes around, but I'm definitely intrigued!xx

  2. You should get one of these then ;-) x

  3. This looks so pretty and I LOVe lilac but just not sure I could pull off lilac blush! x