Saturday, 4 May 2013

Benefit Fake Up Review

I rarely buy high end or more expensive cosmetic products unless I really think they will work for me, much like how I felt when I saw everyone's Fake Up reviews! I absolutely fell in love with this product straight after the Benefit event (which I didn't get an invite to unfortunately!) so couldn't simply wait for the release date at the end of March... Only I had to, because it wasn't the same launch date at Sephora in China. ARGH. But when I got home, eventually I got hold of one. 

The main selling points for this product were the fact that it was also a hydrating stick as well as a concealer. I have so many problems with under eye concealers flaking off or making me look like some kind of lizard or snake which is not my favourite look. This is where Fake Up is different, significantly different, and I couldn't appreciate it more. Not only does it have a sleek application with very thick coverage, but hydrates the skin and doesn't leave powdery residue. It's easily to apply, you only really need one swipe. And as usual, the packaging is super cute and vintage style which always looks fabulous in my make up kit! And, last but not least, you only need a little, which means it will definitely last a long time, good value for money.

Two thumbs up from me. 
This product is easily available (unless you live in China and it hasn't come out yet!).

Do you usually buy high end or more expensive cosmetics?
How do you feel about spending a little more on something you know will last?

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