Friday, 17 May 2013

#BEDM | Walk To Work | Day 17

Today's #BEDM post is about walking to work, but unfortunately I don't work Fridays so I couldn't take photos of my walk to work. I work in Bradford, just out of the city centre, and there are some amazing sights to behold when I walk from the train station!

I have a nice walk through town. Firstly stopping by Starbucks in City Park, then onwards part the Media Museum. In summer it's amazing to be able to walk through the centre and see City Park full of water and in all it's glory, I must admit it's the most gorgeous part of the city at the moment, and now it's getting warmer it's always nice to have a chill down there.

The walk is quite pleasant, and normally only takes me around 20 minutes, which I do morning and evening when I finish work. It's a shame now though I'm feeling quite exhausted in the mornings!

Photos sourced from Wikipedia and Media Museum.

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  1. I used to work in Bradford too :) the amount of times I'd have to leg it through the town centre because I was late haah!xx