Monday, 13 May 2013

#BEDM | Go Green | Day 13

I've always been a naughty girl, and I am pretty wasteful: leaving taps on, not recycling etc, and never really thought about how it might be affecting the planet. Slap hands, naughty Michelle. 

But, I had my eyes opened when I visited China. Everything that can be recycled, will be recycled. It was really refreshing! 

One of the first oddities I noticed about conserving water, although it's not paid for or billed in China, is showering. Now they have wet rooms over there unlike us with bathtubs or shower bottoms, just a tiled floor. So when I stood in a bucket and had a shower I felt like I was in a third world! Actually, it made so much sense, just save the shower wage you use (encouraging you to use less mind you) and use it to pour down the toilet instead of flushing... Ok so that was one good trick I learnt! The second, well solar panels in every building, ok it doesn't seem much but actually when you use your solar panel to heat the shower up the hot water lasts a lot less as normal, this encouraging you to use less water. Tip number two that I absolutely relished!

I must admit that since being back in England I have changed the way I think about energy use, not only for the planet but for my pocket too. 

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