Saturday, 4 May 2013

#BEDM | Five Fave Blogs | Day 4

So today I am sharing my blog love and letting you guys know who my fave blogs are. This is day number four of the 'Blog Every Day In May' challenge.

These are in no particular order:

1. I'mBeingErica - I've been a fan of her blog for so long now, and appreciate that I can call her one of my friends... AWWWW. I respect her as a person, and well, I'm nosey so it's nice having a look into her life. We share a similar fashion sense so I get a lot of inspiration from her!

2. HelloTerriLowe - Terri is actually the reason why I started blogging. I've followed blogs for a while, and talk to people/take part in chats on Twitter but never had the confidence to start blogging myself. Until one dreary Sunday evening in January taking part in a chat, something just hit me, and that is when my blog arrived. She has a cracking personality and never fails to make me laugh.

3. EllaMasters - I've read Ella's blog for quite some time now. I've always admired how creative she is and really love the insight into her life she gives in detail on her blog. She's such a sweet, caring girl and her blog actively reflects that.

4. StyleSuzi - Another blogger/vlogger I've followed for quite some time. Suzi was one of the first Asian ladies I followed giving me hope and faith in Asian cosmetics. I really love her HK hauls and seeing what the latest trends in China are!

5. TheMaleNanny - Now this might come as a shock but this is one of my all time favourite blogs. Just take a look and you will see. How the other world live eh? Haha.

Well I hope you like my fave blogs and hopefully you will give every one a read and become a new follower too! 

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