Friday, 3 May 2013

#BEDM | Day In The Life | Day 3

Today's 'Blog Every Day In May' post is all about a day in the life of me. Well today is Friday and it probably isn't the best of ideas to do this today as it's my day off work and pretty dull, but here goes.

Last night I went to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Clare, a band who I have loved for years, but unfortunately a bout of morning/evening/all day sickness hit me and I was pretty exhausted so left before the gig ended, which I was gutted about but at least I heard my three favourite songs! Gigging whilst pregnant is not something I would recommend in your first trimester, but at least it's one thing ticked off my list...

So today, I'm pretty exhausted. Exhausted might be an understatement, I can hardly keep my eyes open. So this post unfortunately is pretty bad. All I did was take photos of Jeremy Kyle and my breakfast this morning. But I guess something is better than nothing right? Unfortunately my day will consist of blogging, sleeping, watching crap on TV and hopefully having a gorgeous sausage sandwich for dinner!

If it had been tomorrow it would have been a better day! I'm off for cake in Leeds with a few bloggers and then heading off to Uni to get some books for my end of module assignment - at least the photos may have been better haha!

Thanks all for looking at my very uninteresting day. I'm gonna join my cat now for a sleep, hopefully I don't snore as loud as she does...


  1. I thought it was interesting, I love seeing how other people spend their days :) xx

  2. Fun take on the topic!

  3. Jel of the concert. You are rock n roll taking the baby to his/her first concert. Put your fit up when you have the chance, I do most of the time hehe tv watching eating blogging at the same time! :)