Friday, 19 April 2013

What I do/don't appreciate since being home from China

I've realised there are so many things in England that I appreciate so much more knowing that I will struggle to get them when I fully move to China:

1. A decent cuppa. English tea, ahhhhh.
2. Buttered toast. I know I can get this in China but the bread is really sweet and doesn't have the same effect haha.
3. Roast dinners. I have REALLY missed them, especially:
4. Yorkshire puddings.
5. Chai latte, even just the mix is hard to find over there.

Things I really don't appreciate since coming home:

1. Ignorance. I find everyone is so ignorant and rude in England.
2. Lack of transport, and the rubbish public transport system. I find this even when I'm in Munich I hate coming home to delayed trains.
3. The weather. I have my second cold in the space of two weeks and I'm getting pretty annoyed now.
4. The way the country is run. I don't really like politics so I won't really go into this.
5. Recycling. It's come to my attention we throw everything out when we don't need to, or don't recycle as much as we could. It's really been an eye opener to my lifestyle change.

Just me having a little rant really! :)


  1. 6. All your FABULOUS friends that you missed way more than Yorkshire puddings.

    (Ok, let's be realistic, Yorkshire puddings win out slightly, but only if they're covered in gravy!)

    7. Full access to the Internet.

    D x

    1. Friends go without saying :P Of course I would miss them LOADS.
      Yeah internet, that was a bit weird. Wen's parents didn't have wireless which I found odd, and the only place I got 3G was in the middle of nowhere on a train...

  2. the internet thing has to be a weird one - esp when you're so used to having it?.. we recycle in Aus too so that one was weird for me. I recycle at home too so, that's ok :)

  3. Hello lovely! I would love to do a swap with you :) I live in California and I would love to get stuff from where you live!