Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Bradford Meet Up

Blogger meet ups are everywhere on the blogoshpere at the moment, and I agree with Kel from Kel Loves when she says they have lost their impact. Meet ups now seem to be selective on who attends, and those who go are 'bigger' bloggers, or only attending for the freebies and goody bags (I admit, I do love a goody bag!).

When did meet ups stop being about meeting new people and having a chat/giggle over a cuppa and cake?

The Bradford meet up is aimed at everyone, whether you've been blogging for years, just started blogging, or if you don't blog at all and fancy coming to meet us! I used to follow a lot of bloggers on Twitter and chat to them before I started blogging, this encouraged me to have my own blog and here we are!

We are aiming for the date of Saturday 25th May, it's a bank holiday weekend so there will be lots to do. And also, it's the weekend after the Sheffield meet up so we can all still attend that.

Bradford is a beautiful place despite the stick it's given, and there are lots of things to do. Check out Kel's post here and let us know if you want to come along. The more the merrier!


  1. i wanna come :( i've never even been invited to one! you're so lucky and populaaaaaaar x

    1. Oh come along! It'll be amazing tea and cake.
      Actually, you should come up north in the summer to Leeds (: x

  2. When's the sheffield meet up? I'd love to come along but I'm scared I wouldn't speak to anyone haha xox

  3. I'm really excited for it. Its a good old fashioned girly meet up & I like that idea -- I'm very easily pleased. Good to see you back, sweetpea. x

  4. I wish I knew of more Aussie bloggers to have a meet up with! I love the idea of getting to know the people I interact with on here face-to-face. I hope you all have a lovely time :) xx

  5. Ooooh whens the Sheffield meet up lovely? I'd definitely be up for that!

    Hannah cagneyandlace.com

  6. Sounds great, I just joined the group for the Sheffield meet up so will be at that. My boyfriend goes to uni in Bradford so I'd love to come to this too (and gives me an excuse to visit him for the weekend!)