Sunday, 28 April 2013

Satisfying Samples? Apivita Mask Review

Having had a bit if a traumatic (understatement) of a weekend with shock news and shopping in Leeds and being hailed on (WHUT), I decided that I would have a relaxing bubble bath tonight (found some amazing lavender stuff!) and a face mask.

I have a few small packets of Apivita face masks around so I thought I would start using then up! This wasn't gifted to me, I bought these myself.

Today I used the Express Beauty With Honey hydrating mask. Lately my skin has been looking a little lacklustre. I presumed this would be a tight mask but actually the application was rather like thick moisturise cream. I left this on for around 30 mins whilst I had a nice long soak and washed it off after. The product didn't set so removal was easy. My skin felt really hydrated afterwards and my T zone was fully nourished.

These products are really simple to use and I will definitely be using the rest of my samples as quickly as possible!


  1. This sounds great :) I love honey especially in masks as its very soothing, Hope you had a great weekend xx

  2. Where do you get these from. xxx