Thursday, 25 April 2013

RipeShop Review: Salted Caramel & Red Velvet Cake Lip Balms

I'm not quite sure where I came accross the RipeShop on Etsy. I think someone may have recommended it on eBay, but by goodness, I'm sure glad they did!

They are an Etsy store based in the US and have all natural ingredient products. I've been lusting after a decent lip balm for quite some time now. I seem to find the drugstore brands aren't quite slick enough and leave my lips feeling a lot dryer than when I applied it, plus they don't have staying power and the flavours leave something to be desired.

The RipeShop has AMAZING flavoured lip balms, all the way from chocolate bacon to cotton candy, with root beer and cupcake in between! I couldn't have been more excited than when I found their salted caramel flavour. Since Starbucks have stopped selling their salted caramel hot chocolate my life has pretty much come to an end, and I haven't been able to find anything to substitute that salty sweet flavour. I also picked up the red velvet flavour as I have a penchant for anything cake-related.

To be honest, the photos on their store site are pretty much good enough to eat!

Red Velvet Lip Balm - Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cocoa ButterSalted Caramel Lip Balm - Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil
Photographs taken from RipeShop's Etsy store.

The packaging is really basic, a simple plain tube with a printed label. But it looks really natural and promotes the company's branding very well. They both came in a small drawstring back which was stunning and really added to the natural feel of this brand. The balms themselves come in stick form rather than in a tin which is a great way to prevent sticky, dirty fingers and keep them hygenically in your bag.

Both flavours did not disappoint. The salted caramel is TO DIE FOR, and the red velvet is equally as good. I must admit I did try and taste a little as they were so tempting, bus alas, they don't taste the same haha. The application is easy, and unlike normal lip balms applies very moist, almost like a shea oil in consistency but soaks in really quickly and does leave your lips feeling well hydrated with a gorgeous flavour and scent which I could taste and smell for a few hours before I needed a new application.

I honestly couldn't rave about their products enough, and they both roughly cost me £8 including postage, a little more expensive than your usual drug store rangs but definitely worth it for the hydration and flavour!

The RipeShop also stock handmade soaps, perfume oils, bodycreams and you can get a personalised set to give away as a gift, or keep as a treat to yourself!

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