Monday, 18 March 2013

Teacup Candles: Step by step guide

I'm sure many people have blogged before on how to make tecup candles but here is my step by step guide.

I made this as a present for one of my work colleagues as she has just recently decorated her kitchen red and I thought this would be a nice gift for her.

I was too lazy to make my own scented and coloured wax so I bought pre-made wax blocks from eBay.

First of all you will need:
A teacup and saucer (you can use a jam jar etc)
Wax (you can use an old candle or buy wax online very easily)
A wick and sticker/glue to secure it to the base
Pan and glass jug (suitable for a double boiler)
Chopsticks/straws or skewers with sellotape to hold the wick in place

Step one:
Measue out your wax. I filled the cup one and a half times to ensure I had the sufficient amount of wax.

Step two:
Secure your wick to the bottom of the teacup with sticky spots or a dab of glue. Secure the wick by placing a straw either side of the wick and sellotaping together. This makes sure the wick doesn't flop about when you pour the wax in.

Step three:
Fill a glass pouring jug with the wax. Make sure it's something like a Pyrex one and can be safely heated up in boiling water. Fill a pan with boiling water. Place the glass jug in the center. Wait for the wax to melt. 

Step four:
When the wax has completely melted carefully pour into the teacup. It will be hot and I can't stress enough that if this gets on your skin and sets, it will hurt! Leave the teacup to cool in a warm place.

And there you go! A beautiful, cheap but stunning present to cheer anyone up. I finished mine off by wrapping in some polka dot cellophane instead of wrapping paper.


  1. I have seen these so many times and absolutely love them, so lovely and such a great gift! I'll definitely be giving these a go, thankyou!

  2. This looks amazing!! I'm definitely going to give this a go xx

    1. It's even easy for me, and I never craft haha x

  3. I have wanted to try this for such a long time !
    Thanks for the step by step :)
    My only question is was the wax hard to clean out of the jug ?
    Launa xx

    1. I found it quite easy, just make sure you don't empty any extra wax down the drain as it'll stick. Pop hot water in the jug and give it a good clean whilst it's still melted and that should do the job ;)

  4. I wanted to do these back in September for my birthday, went and bought loads of teacups and just ran out of time to actually do them! You've also made it look much easier than some other tutorials i've seen so thank you, think i'll be doing these in the near future!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

    1. Oh Soph you should do, the longest part is waiting for the wax to melt. Takes two minutes really. x

  5. I love this. :). I'm thinking of doing it in a jar I used to use to make plumjam in, its really old and retro looking and white wax would look so pretty! x

  6. Hey hun, just letting you know i'v nominated you for a Liebster award over on my blog:

    Also that is a fantastic idea, i'v not thought to make candles since i had one of those forever friends kits as a kid were you could either make soap or candles etc, this looks fun i might have a go.



  7. Love your blog, im a new follower :) will deffs be trying this out xxx

  8. Much love,
    "Nice blog <3