Saturday, 30 March 2013

eBay tips: (1) How to buy

I spend a lot of my time on eBay trawling through branded posts and posts which items with incorrect spelling just to get a decent bargain. I have no idea what made me become such a thrifty shopper. I would rather pay under £10 for a nice item and get double for my money; I think this is why I have an addiction to Primark and New Look with my student card. I would rather come away from a shop with a few cheaper dupe pieces than from Topshop with one. I like to see where my money goes I guess!

I've used eBay since I was around 16, both buying and selling.

This post is a simple tip post on how to become a better shopper and get more for your buck!

1. Have a good rummage! Have a good look at what's finishing within the next hour or so for your desired piece. I always buy dresses on eBay so try to pip people at the post by whacking a bid on within the last minute or so! Use the search bar to your advantage, people quite often spells things wrong which leave them with less bidders. I normally only search for items by brand name and size, or by typing tags in for the style, such as vintage and rockabilly. Expand your search to get a stronger find.

2. Always check the description, read, re-read and just read again to make sure you have details of everything. If something is missing you want to know about the item, i.e. more photos or measurements, give them a message. If they want to sell the item for the best price it is in their interest to reply!

3. Check the feedback of the seller. I would much rather trust a purchase from someone with a lot of feedback who has good comments from their previous sales.

4. Always use PayPal, it's quicker which means you will get your item a lot faster (for those like me who want it now! Haha. I am far too impatient) and it means both you and the seller will be protected in case anything goes wrong.

These few simple steps will increase your bidding success and help you become a stronger member of the eBay community. After all, you can pick up some brand new bargains for around a fiver! What's to complain about that?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Arranging a wedding? 20 hours should do it...

Yes, it took me all but 20 hours to arrange my wedding! Bearing in mind I had already booked the registry office and sorted the legalities out beforehand (giving notice, etc).

I only planned on having a small wedding with a few people anyway. So my plan was to wear one of my million dresses out the wardrobe and jazz it up a little with accessories. I already bought a little button bouquet but it wasn't what I really wanted. There were no flowers or cars arranged, or anything like that at all... Until Sunday 17th March at 2pm.

2pm - decided that I would like to have a nice wedding dress, or something a little smarter to wear that made me feel like a princess, like every girl wants. Start of the rush of looking for dresses...

3pm - 4pm - I found the one, a stunning maxi dress in Miss Selfridge. Well as it was rose gold I needed shoes and accessories to match. Nice one, got those ordered too. Well the weather here in Yorkshire hasn't lived up to what I expected it to, my thoughts were 'hold on, I need a fur stole to match', cheers ASOS, got that one ordered too. Also, I should be thanking my dad at this point as he was the one who paid...

5pm - 6pm - So I decided I needed flowers to match and a nice vintage style bouquet. Nothing you can do about that on a Sunday evening, we'll leave that one for the Monday. At least I managed to sort out the design I wanted. Also, why not go the whole hog and have my hair done? Now I was on the search for a mobile hairdresser. I highly doubted I would get one, given the wedding was a week away and I would need to have them arrive around 7:30 am. So I took a look and e-mailed a few people anyway, it never hurts to ask right?

I had a break for a few hours, nice calming bath, bit of a pampering session etc. When the phone rung about 7pm .

7pm - 8pm - it appears my dad has been looking at wedding cars to hire. Nice one dad, however, there isn't much you can do on a Sunday. Although there was. He left a message for the local garage about having their grey Bentley for the day, and they got back in touch that evening! Talk about quick work. He just needed to finalise the last details on Monday morning.
Whilst deciding that I wanted my hair pinning up, I thought I might as well have a stunning birdcage veil. Well trying to find one that wasn't super expensive and would arrive pretty soon was a problem. Until I found the Lily Bella one I wanted on eBay, ending within 16 hours and for £30. Could it have been fate? Well it was, I e-mailed the seller and asked if there was any chance of her posting out ASAP as I explained my situation, she replied within a matter of minutes that she would post out the next day. FAB.

9pm - 11pm - the hairdresser replied, and I was OVER THE MOON that she agreed to come and do my hair! After a few hours of texting back and forth and sending photos of what I was after (a vintage pin-up curl style), she agreed!


Monday morning I toddle off to work, in a manner of speaking as it was snowing and all transport was cancelled...

9am - 10am - dad goes to book the Bentley at the garage, all done and dusted.

10am - 11am - mum and dad sent to my favourite florist to arrange flowers, within the space of around half an hour all had been arranged and booked to collect Saturday.

So yes, this proves as long as you have the date of your wedding, you can totally arrange everything within a day. I never would have believed that I could have achieved this, but I'm very glad I did!

Right now as you are reading this post, I'll have just arrived in China and due to get my 3 hour bullet train from Beijing to Jinan. Expect LOTS of photos and mini-posts if I can get my VPN working xo

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

I've never seen these mascaras before, normally I stick to one and never move away from that brand as I'm a little funny wish mascaras as I have really sensitive eyes and can be allergic to a lot of cosmetics. 

I was wondering around Superdrug looking for the new MUA eyeshadow palette and one of the saleswomen in the store approached me with the product and telling me they had a money off voucher. To be honest I listened to her but didn't really take any of the information in, it sounded something like 'this will make your eye lashes grow'. I'm not really bothered about that as I've never had a problem with my eyelashes so I sort of slinked out of the store with my purchases.

I bobbed into Boots just to have a look what they had in and got drawn to the Rimmel section of the make up aisle. I noticed they had their 3 for 2 offer still on and purchased a couple of Apocalips Lip Lacquers and noticed they had this mascara. So I bought it. Just as a trial. 

On trying it out I was really amazed with the product! The brush has quite thin and small bristles which means a really good application on the lower lash, something I never can normally be bothered with as I end up with mascara halfway down my face. This actually works! Application on to upper eyelashes was the same, applied really easily and left my eyelashes really defined and separated. I haven't noticed whether they are growing more or anything but definitely am impressed with the cover and application. I'm quite sure I will be re-purchasing when this runs out. 

Monday, 25 March 2013

A mini-wedding update

As most of you know today (and a nice little surprise for those who didn't!) today I became Mrs Pan and married the man of my dreams. Only just though! We managed to be stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour this morning after an accident and missed our slot. When I telephoned the Registry Office to amend our slot the telephonist advised they were all taken! I was almost in tears in the wedding car (vintage Bentley, obvs) when he asked me when my baby was born... Somehow he had mistaken registering a baby for a marriage! Anyway, all got sorted in the end and we were seen as soon as we arrived. PHEW. 

At the moment I'm sat on the train in Huddersfield station on my way to Manchester Airport where we depart from tomorrow morning. I just thought I would do a quick post of a few of our photos today (sorry Yuna, these didn't make it by iMessage as they are on the MacBook!).

I'll try and do a few updates when were are in China, Instagram lovers will get lots of photos. Why not add me on there? You can keep updated with our travels in real time!

Thank you all for the kind wishes today, it's meant a lot! And I'm sorry I couldn't reply to every one, it's been a little hectic this morning!

Love, hugs and kisses xo 

#WIWT: The wedding edition

So as this post has been scheduled to go up at 11.00 am, I will have just finished my ceremony and will currently be taking wedding photos and heading off to get changed to go to Manchester Airport! 

Here is a sneak peek today of what I wore to my wedding, I hope everyone likes! 

I definitely felt like a vintage movie star in this outfit, I probably won't ever wear this dress again as it's much too extravagant for my wardrobe, but I adore it so much; and the shoes, they are far too high for me! 

1. Crushed sequin maxi dress - Miss Selfridge
2. Premium fur stole - ASOS
3. Poppy birdcage veil - Lilly Bella
4. Rose gold court shoes -
5.  Rose gold chunky bracelet - Dorothy Perkins
5. Rose gold heart studs -

I'll be posting more photos of the wedding and doing a mini blog post later before I head off on my honeymoon to China! 

Hope you all like ladies xo 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

What's in my make up bag: travel edition

As most of you will know, I'm jetting off Tuesday morning to China for three weeks on my honeymoon! I thought I would do a little taster of products I'm planning on taking with me. Normally my make up bag would be stocked up with every item however, I will be buying a large bulk of cosmetics to bring back with me, so not much point in going with loads!

I was bought this cute Kimmidoll pencil case as a honeymoon present by a colleague, but I've decided it's the perfect size for my make up bag. I'll be splitting these products between hand luggage and cargo as I know I can't take everything with me on the plane!

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - this stuff is fab as it works as a moisturiser and primer in one. The great thing as well is if you leave it on for around 10-15 mins it acts as a moisutrising face mask - perfect for long haul flights.
Bourjois Flower Perfection Transluscent Smoothing Primer - just in case I feel like I need extra protection, it's quite small too so perfect for travelling with.
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - just to cover up dark circles as I know I'll be lacking in sleep. I never manage to sleep well on flights.
Garnier Oil Free BB Cream in light - this is brilliant as my skin is quite blemish free at the moment and the colour is very pigmented so it acts as a solid foundation too.
MUA Matte Pefect Loose Transluscent Powder - just to stop my oil slick of a face becoming any worse!
MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder - just to add a little bit of a glow.

MUA Undress Me Too Palette - I adore this palette, I haven't used it as much recently as I would have liked as I've had more of a cat eye look. I love the neutral tones and nude shades of this palette which goes with everything.
Barry M Wink Eyeliner - this is my go-to eyeliner. I've replaced this several times and will continue to do so. I'm hopeless with liquid eyeliners but this is a fantastic eyeliner felt tip pen that never fails me.
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascrar - ever since the day I was persuaded to buy this (well done pitchy saleswoman in Superdrug) I've never looked back. The bristles are quite fine allowing you to hit those lower lashes easier. I normally struggle getting fuller lashes but I would definitely buy this product again.

Sleek Blush by 3 palettes. I have two of these palettes, one in 'pink spirit' and the other is 'lace'. I think these two palettes are all I need in my life. Ever. The colours are highly pigmented and I've been using them for months without a dent to either of them. I would really like to add the other three to my collection!

Lastly but not least of all, I will be taking five Apolcalips Lip Laquers with me. These really are all I need as the shades match easily with anything I will be wearing! I've chosen Luna, Nude Eclipse, Celestial, Big Bang and Apocaliptic.
Miss Sporty Dr Balm - I need something for moisture on the plane and this is my go-to lip balm. I think these lip balms are a good dupe for Maybelline's Baby Lips, I've chosen the shade Honeymoon Kiss which I think is very fitting!

Hope you all liked looking at what's in my make up bag xo

Friday, 22 March 2013

Pamper Day at the Marriott Hotel with Experience Days (*)

I was really excited when I was contacted by Experience Days to try out one of their pamper/spa treatment days at Marriott hotel. Getting married in a few days has proved really stressful and this was the perfect treat for a pre-wedding celebration!

I was offered two treatments, which as an experience on a whole costs £89. You can split the treatments between two people (one each) or be greedy and keep them both for yourself! My local Marriott Hotel was at Hollins Hall in Shipley, which is an idealic country club in the Yorkshire Dales. As well as the two treatments, you are entitled to use their gym facilities, swimming pool, jaccuzi and sauna for the whole day - giving the perfect luxurious spa day we all long for! I opted to take my mum with me, as we both needed a bit of time away from wedding stresses! And ladies, we all know we need our mums for these occasions!

We attended for afternoon tea earlier than our treatments (not included in the package but cost £19.95 for two) which was absolutely delicious! 

Afterwards we popped down to the swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. There was hardly anyone around which was ultra reassuring for two body conscious women! We spent an hour in the jacuzzi and then I popped into the pool for a quick swim, something I haven't done in quite a few years, and must admit, I really enjoyed it. It was so nice to chill out and relax and not actually think about any daily chores or other wedding bits to sort out. We aren't gym buddies so didn't pay a visit to that however, I'm sure if we had arrived earlier we would have definitely made use of the all the facilities. 

The treatment options were:
1. A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage
2. A refreshing facial
3. Soothing manicure.
All three of these options sounded absolutely divine! However, I chose the refreshing facial, as my skin was starting to look very pale and blemished due to the rubbish weather (snow in March, typical when I'm about to get wed!). My mum picked the soothing manicure!

My facial started with a deep cleanse, exfoliate and finished off with a hydrating mask which came accompanied with a neck and shoulder massage (which I wasn't expecting!). All three of the products used we high end and contained aromatherapy oils. The treatment was very luxurious and I almost fell asleep during the process! This lasted 30 minutes, and was pure bliss

My mum had the soothing manicure which I didn't get to see until the finishing product (having being in a separate room) but she was pleased with the service. The manicure consisted of a cream massage, cuticle sort out and polish with top coat and oil to finish. 

Overall, this was a really enjoyable experience for both of us. The overall package was high end and the service provided was of excellent quality. You definitely couldn't fault anything from this day at all. The whole experience package was definitely worth it's money as at Hollins Hall the treatments were £22 alone and the country club membership is extremely pricey! 

Pamper/spa experience days are available throught the UK at various Marriott Hotels so you will always be able to find one locally to you; you can find them here!

I'm already eyeing up their afternoon tea experience day, and another with cake decorating! Why not check out their other experience days?

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I bought this after hearing really good reviews on this product as a combination of products in one. This  is really helpful for me as I don't want to take a moisturiser, primer or a face mask on the plane with me in hand luggage, it just seems to much. This can achieve all those within one product!

This product claims to brighten and tighten the skin, and I must admit it does. I feel that it's tightening the skin by becoming a primer and filling my pores in. It brightens the skin by becoming a moisturiser and leaves my skin feeling fresh and non-greasy as most combined products do. It's the perfect size for travelling too, 50ml. This also makes it easier to apply my BB cream so I'm getting double moisturiser which can't be a bad thing!

Normally I wouldn't enjoy spending £27 on a product but I feel it's worth it as you only need to apply a small amount. I am slightly confused by the instructions advising to smooth it on rather than rub it in. Does anyone know why this is?

You can also apply this as a face mask, leave it on for 10-15 mins and wash off to give bright and fresher skin. This will be a life saver during my 9 hour flight to Beijing!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Weekly adorations #5

Oh my goodness, I've been so busy over the past few days I forgot to do my weekly adoration post yesterday! Wedding and all that ;-)

1. Surprise last minute wedding plans... Tee hee hee...
2. Really being grateful for my parents, they have been amazing the past few days and helped calm my nerves a lot.
3. Anxiety medication, it's worked wonders for my stress over the past two weeks.
4. Confidence. Having the confidence to say a big 'F U' to all those who have doubted me in the past, and those who I see on a daily basis who persist to try and undermime me.
5. Chai lattes, yummy!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Teacup Candles: Step by step guide

I'm sure many people have blogged before on how to make tecup candles but here is my step by step guide.

I made this as a present for one of my work colleagues as she has just recently decorated her kitchen red and I thought this would be a nice gift for her.

I was too lazy to make my own scented and coloured wax so I bought pre-made wax blocks from eBay.

First of all you will need:
A teacup and saucer (you can use a jam jar etc)
Wax (you can use an old candle or buy wax online very easily)
A wick and sticker/glue to secure it to the base
Pan and glass jug (suitable for a double boiler)
Chopsticks/straws or skewers with sellotape to hold the wick in place

Step one:
Measue out your wax. I filled the cup one and a half times to ensure I had the sufficient amount of wax.

Step two:
Secure your wick to the bottom of the teacup with sticky spots or a dab of glue. Secure the wick by placing a straw either side of the wick and sellotaping together. This makes sure the wick doesn't flop about when you pour the wax in.

Step three:
Fill a glass pouring jug with the wax. Make sure it's something like a Pyrex one and can be safely heated up in boiling water. Fill a pan with boiling water. Place the glass jug in the center. Wait for the wax to melt. 

Step four:
When the wax has completely melted carefully pour into the teacup. It will be hot and I can't stress enough that if this gets on your skin and sets, it will hurt! Leave the teacup to cool in a warm place.

And there you go! A beautiful, cheap but stunning present to cheer anyone up. I finished mine off by wrapping in some polka dot cellophane instead of wrapping paper.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sister Vintage

A week or so ago I received the cutest package from Sister Vintage! Sister Vintage is run by three siblings with a love of jewellery from vintage inspiration. I must admit, I absolutely fell in love with the range and their prices. I love all their range of jewellery but specifically was taken aback by their super cute panda items!

As you will probably know, my nickname is Panda, inspired by my soon-to-be surname Pan. So when I received this cute package I was in heaven. 

I really adore how it's wrapped to cutely in a sweetshop bag (definitely brought back amazing childhood memories!). I love the added sticker to the front with my name on it, such a cute touch. I doubt the label was meant to be related to me, but my goodness the girl image is me haha. 

So inside I got:

A super cute panda necklace and matching ring, a pair of panda earrings and a stunning red triangle necklace. I'm really happy with these items but really excited to wear the triangle necklace under a collar. I think it will work fab with a denim shirt!

This is such a lovely range of jewellery and I got all of these for only a few pounds! They are very well made and will definitely last a long time unlike jewellery I have recently bought and has broken instantly! 

As an offer to all my readers, Sister Vintage have been kind enough to offer you all a discount code of 15% off to use on their site. Just type in 'MICHELLE13' at the check out before you pay for your gorgeous items! You can follow their Twitter account here! Also, why not check them out and 'like' over on Facebook

They also have a vintage store over at ASOS Marketplace which have some great vintage finds! 

I hope you all like their range as much as I do! 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Satisfying samples?

I used to be a subscriber to pretty much all the beauty boxes out there and since then have had a mass of sample products to review. I never used to bother using them at the time as I didn't really pay much interest to them (not sure why I bought them now!) however, I've decided it's time to start getting rid of them and clearing my box out. Hence 'satisfying samples'. I wanted to run this as a mini-series until I get everything used up from my beauty boxes. It will just give you an insight to what I've collected and whether I think it satisfying/whether I will buy the full size product.

Here we go!

This week so far I have used a Face Feel face mask, Melvita rose nectar moisturiser and two Neal&Wolf samples which I picked up at the #FABBbloggersLeeds event on Saturday.

1. Face Feel face mask - I think I received this free when I bought a few Asian cosmetics/skincare products a while back. It's a thick black mask that is suitable for sensitive skin. I have no idea what's in it and what it's for as I can't read Chinese and my boy wasn't around to help out. It took me by surprise when I opened it and it was a black gloopy mess, but seemed ok overall. I applied it, let it dry, and peeled it off after 30 mins as instructed. It worked well until I found patches where I had applied too much and I had to scratch it off and it wouldn't wash off. Lets no go there every again: my nails were thick with sludge and trying to wash if off the shower curtain was insanity. Very good mask that left me feeling rather refreshed and with noticeably less clogged pores; just not sure if the mess was worth it. 7/10 for this, I doubt I'll buy a full sized product but would use sachets if I got them again.

2. Melvita rose nectar moisturiser - I think this came in a beauty box a while back. It's for normal to dehydrated skin which is definitely mine. I always have dry patches but have combination skin and this formula isn't really useful for this. I applied it after my face mask and it soaked in well but left my face feeling really greasy. I definitely won't be buying this product. I think it was a hit and miss from the go as I don't always get on with skincare products anyway due to my ridiculously sensitive skin. 2/10 for this product.

3. Neal&Wolf Ritual Cleansing shampoo and conditioner - I picked this up at the event on Saturday along with one of their full size products. The shampoo is designed to clear all the daily impurities from your hair and used along with the light conditioner leave your hair feeling light and clean. I love shampoo products, I always find that I love them no matter what and always end up buying their full size set. This was no exception! It left my hair feeling extremely clean and less frizzy than normal. I don't always condition as it leaves my hair really greasy and flat but this left it light and clean. I received a 15% code for these products and thought they must be pretty expensive. When I checked out their site store I was really happy to see that these products retail for around £9-£10.  I was not expecting that at all so will definitely be using my voucher code and buying when I run out of my Redken shampoo I'm currently using. 9/10 - really impressed with this product!

What do you think about samples? Do you end up with loads stored away too?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Weekly adorations #4

Well this is the fourth week I've been running this series and I'm overjoyed with it. I always read back each week to see what I've been loving!

This week:
1. The boy surprising me. As most of you might know if you follow me on Twitter, he came home on Friday night as a surprise for the weekend with his friend. We had an awesome weekend and I couldn't have been happier!
2. My wedding - only 13 days away. Yes I am sad enough to be counting down the days now.
3. Hotel hunting. I know it seems a little too late to be booking hotels in China (two weeks today!) but we're staying at the boy's most of the time. We're just looking for some really nice places to stay in Beijing and Shanghai. I've found an amazing shadow puppet hotel in Beijing that we just HAVE to stay at.
4. The #FABBbloggersLeeds event - went so well and I had an amazing time. Was really nice to meet other bloggers from the area.
5. Cakes of every form. I love cake, I really love cake. It makes me happy. SO happy. So this week I have been eating a lot of cake in every form. Probably not the best idea considering I've put on weight before my wedding but I couldn't really care less! Cake is awesome.

So those are my adorations for this week. Bring on the cake!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The weekend edition

This weekend was a little bit manic for me really. Unexpectedly on Friday evening I had two visitors. My fiancé and his friend got an evening flight and came back from Germany for the weekend! It was lovely to see them and I had such an amazing weekend with them both. It's amazing how having them both around can change your perspective!

This is what I wore. Just a simple print shirt and skirt combo with a blazer. Yes it was FAR too cold to go out in a blazer (it was snowing) but my event in the evening meant I felt stupid walking around with a coat on too. More fool me as today I'm full of cold. I received so many compliments on my owl bag, you can buy one from eBay here. I actually bought mine from Afflecks Palace in Manchester, I recommend everyone should go here. It's such an amazing place.

On Saturday I attended the #FABBbloggersLeeds event, you can see the post here on that. It was a great time and we had cocktails and cake. It couldn't be more perfect.

I had my work's night out for my wedding, it wasn't what it cracked up to be and I was slightly disappointed that not everyone turned up or made an effort, but what they hey, I had my fiancé there and we had a blast with Tilly and Mark! Tilly will probably KILL me for putting this post up, but hey, I like it! And we had lots of cocktails too which made the event a lot better!

This was my Screaming Orgasm, it was actually horrid and pretty much made from double cream. Not recommended in future. 

Today I chilled at home whilst the boys went for a walk around Haworth and checked out the Bronte Parsonage museum to buy some tacky Yorkshire memorabilia to take back with them. I think they had a fab time and seemed to enjoy the tea and cake we made for when they got back. We couldn't send them back to Germany without tea and cakes right!?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


I must admit I was REALLY nervous about attending my first proper bloggers event. I've only been blogging for such a short time and felt anxious and slightly rude that I didn't know who a lot of people were or their blogs, so just stayed with people I knew and had met previously! The venue was quite small and unfortunately we didn't have enough space to circulate and chat to new bloggers which was such a shame as there were so many lovely girls there I would have liked to got to know better!

The event itself was run amazingly and I couldn't compliment and be more grateful to Tor and Ray for arranging it, thanks girls and I will definitely be off to the next one!

So as I said, I met with the usual ladies Kel, Yuna and Lisette, and had the pleasure of meeting Joanna! I was really pleased to meet Clare as well as we've been talking for a few years but never gotten around to meeting each other. Was really nice to meet Rachel too! I can't praise these ladies enough for their blogs, you should all visit them.

So at the event we were introduced to new products and had speakers from various areas. I was especially interested in Healthpoint Ltd who had come along to discuss their skincare range. What got me about their skincare range what the fact it was extremely cheap to buy and was easily accessible from stores such as the Pound Shop and Home Bargains. We received a goody bag from them full of products which I am really looking forward to trying as I'm on a search for a new skincare regime!

We had cupcakes, what more can I really comment on this!?

In the second goody bag we got, I spied some fab products! I've never heard of Neal&Wolf before but I love trying new haircare products. I regularly dye my hair and it's in quite bad condition (I still refuse to have it trimmed!) and I need something to give it a boost. I spied a full size of their Smoothing Blow Dry Balm and got VERY excited about trying this out as my Redken Iron Repair is about to run out. We also received a sachet of their Ritual Daily Cleansing shampoo and condition which I'm looking forward to trying out soon. There were so many fantastic goodies in this bag that I honestly do not know where to start.

We did however receive a few tanning products and a mitt, I'm not sure if they had something to tell us about our pasty skin but I think I might actually give a fake tan a go this year.

Hearts & Bows came along with their range of clothing (available in Ark Clothing) to show us their reasonably priced line which are one step ahead of high street shops. As they said, most of their clothing was aimed at young adults (nice wording for teenagers) and so was rather small and a little short. Their skirts were absolutely amazing but they only stock up to a size 14 which I'm disappointed about. They didn't seem too happy about my suggestion of perhaps trying a larger sample size as they believed their 'young adults' wouldn't be interested. I'm quite sure there are a few youngsters out there who are over a size 14 though. I did get told that most likely their size L (14) skirt would stretch to my size. I know for a fact it would not. We did get a lovely goody bag from them though, I received a cross vest which was gorgeous (size 10, I will make it fit!) a necklace, and scarf. Yuna has a teapot necklace so she offered to swap as I was SO giddy.

Overall, it was an amazing day and a really positive experience for me as a newbie blogger attending my first proper event, I feel all grown up now! Again, well done to the girls who organised everything and to everyone who attended to make it a FABB (see what I did there!?) day!

Friday, 8 March 2013

First #fotd post

This is my first ever face of the day post, and I'm really shocked what I used for my base! I never knew I put so much stuff on. AND this is my minimal make up look without doing my eyes or eyebrows. HALP.

For my base I moisturised with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel which I love, I have oily skin and it works a dream. Sinks in quickly and doesn't leave any residue. Next I apply my favourite primer from Étude House's Dr Oil collection. It's a dual primer and moisturiser so added locked in moisture there. Third I apply Garnier's oil free Bb cream in light, sometimes I just use this and am done but today I opted to add another layer for total coverage by using Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 51. I top up any blemishes with MUA's Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit in porcelain beige. Lastly I apply MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder just to hold it in place followed with MUA's new Pro-Base Fixing Mist.

I love my basic look and this works with anything!

Today I tried a highlighter which I've never used before and I'm not quite sure how you wear it: MUA's Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter. This really gave me a healthy glow but to emphasise my cheek bones I added Sleek blush in crochet from their Lace Blush by 3 collection. I love these blusher palettes as you only need a little and they last forever!

Finally just a bit of Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara and Apocalips in Luna!

Final nude/coral basic look complete!