Thursday, 17 November 2016

Keeping your hair in tip top shape during Winter | Beauty

We've hit that time of year, it's cold and damn outside, and your hair is becoming flyaway and generally not in as tip top of a condition as it could be. You could be suffering with dehydrated hair, flyway hair, well the list is endless. You don't just have to resort to putting a hat on to hide your tresses, with these couple of easy hair care tips for the Winter you can keep your luscious locks in great condition. I say these tips are for Winter, but they can easily be used all year round. Let me let you into a little bit of hairdresser knowhow...

1. Invest in a really good quality hair dryer. Although you might think that you don't need one, but each hair dryer is different and has it's own qualities. My favourite hair dyer on the market at the moment is the Panasonic hair dryer. I'm very lucky to have tried and tested the Panasonic Nanoe and it really works. The science is that the dryer adds moisture to your hair to make sure it stays smooth and silky. Another thing I love about this hair dryer is the fact it's the same pH balance as your hair, meaning your cuticle will close and be a lot smoother. It also comes with a diffuser nozzle for those of you with curly hair.

A top tip to drying your hair is to always make sure you aim the nozzle down whilst blasting your hair, this helps to smooth out and protect your hair, giving it extra shine and making it less flyaway.

2. Use professional products that are suited to your hair type. I know this seems like one of the most simplest tips, but it's very easy to get wrong. You may be incorrectly identifying your hair type and using the incorrect products. Your hairstylist will give you information for your correct hair type and should inform you on the right products to use. Which brings me on to tip three...

3. Go to a hair stylist for a cut. Seriously. Don't follow YouTube tutorials on how to cut your hair, or how to cut your split ends because you're not getting the service your hair deserves. Hair stylists (like myself!) have to be trained and let me tell you it's not easy. Trust your hair stylist to make sure your hair is in the best condition it can be in.

4. Hydrating products are a God send at this time of the year. Products containing oils are the best to use. If you tend to buy drugstore products then I highly recommend going for an oil repair product. Heat protection sprays that contain oil or have added leave in conditioner are the best to purchase, you're a lot less likely to let your hair dry naturally at this time of the year so it's always best to be prepared. If you want to spend a little bit more, why not add a deep conditioning treatment to your service at the salon? My favourite salon product is the Uniq One by Revlon. I use this on both myself and clients as it has 10 real benefits. Not only does it have heat protection, is a leave in conditioner, but can repair dry and damaged hair.

If you're looking for a little bit of inspiration or a few new products to add to your winter hair care regime, check out one of my previous posts - there's a great review on the Fructose Oil Repair products.

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