Wednesday, 28 September 2016

In-Tents Holidays: Getaways For The Outgoing | Travel

Beach holidays are great. You put your feet up, relax, catch up on missed sleep and let your hair down for a couple of weeks. But what if you don’t enjoy lying around in the sun? Maybe you’re prone to sunburn or heatstroke. Perhaps you can’t nod off on a sun lounger and get bored pretty quickly lying around in silence. Not all holidays have to be the ones advertised on television. Your holiday should be the best time for you. If you’re active and outgoing, there are so many holidays out there that you would much prefer. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going.



This is one of the most relaxed holidays for people who want to keep active. Yoga is a brilliant form of exercise with copious health benefits. You will stretch out physically, becoming more supple. Your balance will improve, and you’ll eventually become more flexible. You will also relax your mind. Yoga can bring inner peace and tranquillity. But yoga doesn’t exist solely within the walls of the gym. There are thousands of destinations that offer yoga holidays. So where do you go for the ultimate yoga retreat? Well, Many of these retreats also offer spas. So get a nice massage to loosen your muscles once you’re done.



Surfing will forever hold mass appeal. Catching waves in a wetsuit or bikini has a certain thrill to it. So where do you head for the best surfing getaways? Hawaii is always a go-to option. With luxurious surroundings, lovely locals and some of the best weather and food to be found in the world, you can’t go wrong. But have you ever considered European destinations for your getaways? Places such as Portugal have warm seas, big waves and a thriving local atmosphere. So catch pack your bags, prepare your swimsuits and catch your flights. Surf’s up!



Camping getaways aren’t just for kids. That’s for sure. Camping can see you face the elements and put your survival skills into practice. This is the all-time American venture, so where better than to camp out than in the USA? Sleep under the stars, roast marshmallows on a fire and see some of the most breathtaking scenery that there is to be seen. Remember, camping isn’t limited to those who don’t mind sleeping on the floor and have no fear of creepy crawlies. Alternative options include campervans and trailers. These are a mini home away from home. They provide you with an enclosed place to sleep, a clean, working toilet and a few other creature comforts. Companies such as Vermont Country Campers have a huge range of campers to pick from. Gain advice from sales representatives and choose the best camper for your personal needs.



Cycling is a fun sport that is appreciated internationally. So if cycling is your thing, then where better to cycle than the home of one of cycling’s biggest events - Tour De France. France has both intense and relaxing routes where you can bask in the local scenery. Stop in local cafes for a break now and then. The cuisine cannot be beaten, and the wine is some of the best you’ll ever taste.

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