Saturday, 2 July 2016

Having A Relaxing Sunday Morning Doesn't Have To Be Hard - Follow My Four Tips | Lifestyle

If you've got kids, Sundays mornings are probably one of the most relaxed time of the week. Its that one day that it's ok not to be run round like a headless chicken trying to get everyone ready for work and school. Make sure that you enjoy it by checking out my tip below.

Sleep in

Firstly, if at all possible you should try and get a lie in on a Sunday morning. I know with little ones, it's not always that easy, but there are ways you can work around it. You can try black out blinds, to stop them being woken early by the dawn. Or how about a Grow Clock, so they can see when it's ok to get up? If you live with a partner, you can even take it in turns. One person gets a lie in one week, and the other gets up with the kids, and then visa-versa the next week.


Have brunch

Next, if you do manage a lie in, a lovely brunch is relaxing way to start you lazy morning. The idea of brunch is that it combines breakfast and lunch so it's quite hearty and will sustain you until your Sunday dinner. Eggs Benedict is popular brunch item. Toast some English muffins, while you poach two eggs per person. Then add ham, bacon or smoked salmon to the tops of the split muffins, put the eggs on next and then add Hollandaise sauce. You can make your own Hollandaise with the recipe here, but don't feel guilt for buying it ready made from the supermarket. It is your lazy day after all!

While you are tucking into your brunch, you’ll  probably want a hot beverage like tea or coffee to wash it down with. As Sunday is a special day, why not get a posh tea blend or treat yourself to a cup of real gourmet coffee? The aroma of freshly ground coffee is definitely something that will enhance your lazy Sunday morning vibe. To achieve this, check out the wide range of electric and hand-cranked coffee grinders you can get on the internet.


Read the papers

The next thing you might like to do on a relaxing Sunday morning is to read the Sunday papers. Of course, you can check out the news on your smart device. But there is nothing quite like the smell of newsprint, mingling with the aroma of coffee on a Sunday AM. The Sunday papers include all the glossy supplements too, so you can make a morning of it catching up on the latest fashion and home trends.

Pop a roast in the oven


The traditional English roast is a huge part of a Sunday and actually works well if you are trying to be relaxed. It's pretty easy to pop a chicken in the oven and if you can't be bothered to do all the trimmings you can always buy them prepared from the supermarket.  Making your Sunday even easier!

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