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Simple Beauty Tricks That Work Instantly! | Beauty

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I know that you’ve clicked this post because you want to know some awesome beauty secrets. Well, I won’t let you down! Here are three tricks that work instantly:

Highlighter Makes You Glow

When it comes to makeup, there is so much stuff out there for you to buy. If you’ve walked into any beauty store, then you’ll know what I mean. The shelves are stacked full of weird and wonderful things to put on your face. But, one of the best things you can use is a highlighter. By adding some to your cheeks, you’ll make yourself glow. What I love most about it is that the lighting you're in will have a say in the effect. For example, if you’re in a shaded area, then don’t worry about your cheeks lighting up like a beacon! Step out into the sunlight and you get a natural glow that turns heads. My best advice is to pay for quality here. Buying cheap highlighter may seem like a good idea, but, it won’t work as well as a high-quality one.

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

You’ll be amazed at how much a few diamonds can impact your appearance. Sometimes, you need to add a touch of class to your look. And, diamonds are the best way to do this. You could get some earrings, a necklace, ring; you name it! All you have to do is ensure that the diamonds are on display and easy to see. This will draw people’s attention and make you look even more beautiful. Of course, the quality of the diamond is also important. You don’t have to get the best around, but make sure it’s a decent standard. The best way to do this is by purchasing from trustworthy retailers like Blue Nile. They’ve been around for years, and this review from YDG will tell you more about them. The great thing about good-quality diamonds is that they sparkle more and go well with almost any outfit.

Watch A Beauty Tutorial

It goes without saying that not everyone is a makeup expert. What this means is that we can struggle to apply the stuff from time to time. I’ve often seen people without makeup on and thought they looked gorgeous. Then, you see them with stuff on, and they look worse. They’re clearly beautiful; the problem is that they don’t know how to put makeup on properly. So, my advice is to watch a couple of beauty tutorials. Trust me, by watching one of two videos you’ll instantly become better. You’ll pick up simple tips that help you apply things properly. As a result, you won’t walk around caked in makeup that looks uneven and blotchy.

What’s amazing about these three tips is that they work instantly. You’re going to notice the difference as soon as you follow the advice above, believe me. They’ll help you gain more confidence and feel happier in your body. Hopefully, you’ll look in the mirror and smile and the person you see looking back at you.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Ultimate 48 Hour Guide To Kuala Lumpur | Travel

There is lots to do in this bustling Asian city, located in Malaysia. With a mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures the city is brimming with sights and sounds. If you are short on time bit big on ideas, check out my suggestion for having the best 48 hours Kuala Lumpur as possible!

Your first night

Make sure you book a hotel in Kuala Lumpur for you first night, because you'll you’ll probably be hungry after your journey and want to head straight out to “Jalan Jalan” or walk and grab some of the famous and delicious Malaysian street food. Don't forget your umbrella though as monsoons are common.

Try the Rojak, a sweet savory salad with a shrimp paste topping. Or there is the cendol a cold dessert soup, a condensed milk sweet treat that is served over ice to keep you cool in the hot evenings. Or if you are need of something a little more savory grab some Koay Chiap, a real Malaysian delicacy. It's basically duck and noodles in broth but also contain a soy sauce cooked egg and the add blood to the soup to give it added flavor. One delicate that you must not miss if the crazy and soft Apom Balick. A pancake made of rice flour with creamed corn, the combination of textures is so good.

Remember that you are expected to buy food from the street vendors and then take it in with you to the cafes surrounding them. There you can grab a coffee or malted drink to have with your meal.

Your first day

On your first day in the city, there are plenty of things to do. Check out the amazing Batu Caves. Limestone caves full of Hindu statues and shrines coated in gold. Be aware there are lots of steps here, so make sure you have your walking shoes on.


The why not spend the afternoon checking out the wildlife in the KL Bird Park. With over 200 different species on show, you bound to see some exotic specimens here. Or if you are more of a culture vulture, check out the Thean Hou Temple. If you are on honeymoon, you can have your marriage blessed by the monks in this, one of Asia's largest Buddhist temples. Even if you’re not newlyweds it's still an impressive spiritual site to visit.

Your second night

On your second night, why not head to the impressive Petronas Towers. Stunningly lit up at night you can shop and eat here all in the same place and check out some fantastic night view so the city. If you are looking for a memorable dining experience, then head over to the Atmosphere 360 at the KL tower. Eat your dinner while the restaurant revolves, giving you a stunning view of the city!

Your second day


On you last in KL why not head to Chinatown, for some seriously cheap bargains. You can eat some delicious chinese food here too, before moving on to the National Museum and Islamic Arts Museum for the afternoon, before you have to catch your flight home.

Why You Should Choose America Over Europe For Your Next Holiday | Travel

A lot of people book holidays to Europe when it’s time to go away in the summer months. It’s not far on the plane and is an excellent way to get some sun. But you might have a better time if you travel to America. Here is why you should consider going to America over Europe for your next holiday.

You can hire a car cheaply

One reason why people should consider visiting America over Europe is that it’s a lot cheaper to rent a car. As it says in this feature, it costs £300 in California to rent a car, while in France it would be at least £420. Therefore, you will save some money if you head to America and drive there. Renting a car is ideal for driving around America as you can easily move around from place to place with your family. If you fancy going on a road trip with some friends, you could split the cost between you and then it wouldn’t cost you much to rent a car.

You will get more for your money when exchanging

Another reason why you should consider choosing America over Europe for your next holiday is that you will get a lot more for your money. The current exchange rate is £1 pound to 1.33 dollars. It means you can buy clothes and shoes for a lot less than you would spend in the UK. Just make sure you don’t bring too much home as it’s not great when exchanging back. Remember you need to get a visa for your travels to America. Find out more ESTA information online about how much it will cost.

It’s cheap for shopping and food

You should also consider visiting America over Europe for your next holiday as it’s very cheap for shopping and food. A lot of people head out there to get all the latest devices and clothes as it’s so reasonable. You can have a three-course meal at the restaurants in America for a lot cheaper than it would cost you in Europe. Therefore, you won’t end up spending as much money while you are out there.

The people are incredibly friendly

Another reason why you should consider visiting America over Europe for your next holiday is that the people are very friendly. They will actually want to help you and make your experience great. You also don’t have to worry about the language barrier so you will find it easier to ask for help. Here’s a guide to the most friendly and unfriendly cities in America.

It will be a very memorable trip

You should also consider America over Europe because of the fact it’s more likely to be a very memorable trip. Some places in the States you can visit such as San Francisco and New York are nothing like the places in Europe. Here are some of the most memorable places you can visit in America. You are bound to get some great photos as well which you can keep for years to come.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to consider America over Europe for your next break.

Amazing Holiday Tips - Choosings The Right Break For You | Travel

It's not always easy to choose the right holiday. There are so many things to consider. Price, location, weather and activities all come into play when picking your destination. Read on for my guide below, for some of the key things to think about, before booking your next getaway.


Many people decide on the type of weather that they want, and then book the holidays around that. Most people go for sunshine. Which is no surprise, as it can improve our mood, allow us to spend more time in the great outdoors and even provide us with essential D vitamins? If the sun is super important to you having a successful holiday, check out the temperature charts for the locations you are looking at. Don't forget to check the rainfall as well, as it can be hot and rainy too.


If you are looking for a wintery holiday, you should still check the expected weather before you book. This can help avoid disappointments and get you on the slopes for the maximum amount of time.


The next thing, to think about before booking your holiday is the type of accommodation that you want. You will need enough space to house comfortably all the people that you are traveling with for the length of your vacation. Remember that you can book villas and houses now, as well as hotel rooms. If you are going with a large party, why not reap the benefits of your own private pool and space in a villa?

Accommodation also includes board options, and you'll need to consider carefully if self-catering works for you. If you have little children, the self-catering can bet better as you can cook for them as normal. While many people see self-catering as a cheaper option, this is not always the case. It is often better value to go all inclusive as your drinks and snacks are paid for too.  The fact that you don't have the hassle of shopping or cooking for the week is a bonus.



Are the sort of person that can't stand being bored? Does relaxing by the pool for more than a few hours at a time bring you out in hives? Then what about organizing your holiday around your activities? A sailing or trekking holiday might work for you. Or if you are looking for a more exotic break, how about a safari? Check out the different options available on Safari Club, to ensure boredom is not part of your break.


Our financial resources often dictate the type of holiday we go on more than any other factor. To make the most of your money, wait and book a month before the trip departs. Travel companies are often offering huge discounts to fill any remaining rooms at this point. Do you prize having something to look forward to all through the year and couldn't possibly wait that long to book your holiday? Then book as early as possible. This is the other time when you can get great discounts and savings.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Having A Relaxing Sunday Morning Doesn't Have To Be Hard - Follow My Four Tips | Lifestyle

If you've got kids, Sundays mornings are probably one of the most relaxed time of the week. Its that one day that it's ok not to be run round like a headless chicken trying to get everyone ready for work and school. Make sure that you enjoy it by checking out my tip below.

Sleep in

Firstly, if at all possible you should try and get a lie in on a Sunday morning. I know with little ones, it's not always that easy, but there are ways you can work around it. You can try black out blinds, to stop them being woken early by the dawn. Or how about a Grow Clock, so they can see when it's ok to get up? If you live with a partner, you can even take it in turns. One person gets a lie in one week, and the other gets up with the kids, and then visa-versa the next week.


Have brunch

Next, if you do manage a lie in, a lovely brunch is relaxing way to start you lazy morning. The idea of brunch is that it combines breakfast and lunch so it's quite hearty and will sustain you until your Sunday dinner. Eggs Benedict is popular brunch item. Toast some English muffins, while you poach two eggs per person. Then add ham, bacon or smoked salmon to the tops of the split muffins, put the eggs on next and then add Hollandaise sauce. You can make your own Hollandaise with the recipe here, but don't feel guilt for buying it ready made from the supermarket. It is your lazy day after all!

While you are tucking into your brunch, you’ll  probably want a hot beverage like tea or coffee to wash it down with. As Sunday is a special day, why not get a posh tea blend or treat yourself to a cup of real gourmet coffee? The aroma of freshly ground coffee is definitely something that will enhance your lazy Sunday morning vibe. To achieve this, check out the wide range of electric and hand-cranked coffee grinders you can get on the internet.


Read the papers

The next thing you might like to do on a relaxing Sunday morning is to read the Sunday papers. Of course, you can check out the news on your smart device. But there is nothing quite like the smell of newsprint, mingling with the aroma of coffee on a Sunday AM. The Sunday papers include all the glossy supplements too, so you can make a morning of it catching up on the latest fashion and home trends.

Pop a roast in the oven


The traditional English roast is a huge part of a Sunday and actually works well if you are trying to be relaxed. It's pretty easy to pop a chicken in the oven and if you can't be bothered to do all the trimmings you can always buy them prepared from the supermarket.  Making your Sunday even easier!