Thursday, 9 June 2016

Three reasons to visit Rome this summer | Travel

Everyone knows that Rome will always be a top holiday destination. It’s packed with restaurants and bars, overflowing with historical relics and stunning statues, while beautiful architecture adorns every street.

This summer though, travellers have the perfect opportunity to explore more of Rome than ever before. No matter what your taste, Rome has a festival or market for you, so read on to find out about some of the top events that are due to be hosted there in summer 2016.

1.     It’s perfect for foodies
The summer time is the best season to visit the shores of Italy if food is your true calling in life, and you’ll find the very best is sent to authentic Roman markets. Without a doubt, the largest and most popular is Campo dei Fiori, which is held every morning apart from Sunday. It’s located in Centro Storico, so it should only be a short walk from your hotel or apartment, and is also one of the oldest markets, serving the people of Rome and its visitors since 1869. There are dozens of locals selling the very freshest of ingredients for that family picnic or romantic meal for two.

The summer is also a prime Roman time for many festivals, all of which involve feasts that go on for days. Indulge in the suckling pig, fresh seafood and local delicacies that make festivals like Festa di San Giovanni on 23rd June, such a treat.

2.     Musicians will be right at home
Rome is the cultural homeland for a lot of musicians, as it has welcomed so many different musical styles and art forms over the years. This summer, why not head for the Jazz & Image Festival held at the Villa Celimontana, from early June until August? Dozens of traditional and contemporary jazz artists will flock here in droves during the summer months, to perform in the stunning setting filled with candles and torchlight, for many romantic and relaxed evenings.

After your fill of jazz, why not take in a different kind of musical style and head for the majestic Teatro Costanzi. Rome Opera is known for being some of the best in the world, so whether you’re new to it or a true connoisseur, you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

3.     You’ll never be bored
If you’re still not convinced, then the Roman Summer festival, Estate Romana, should do the trick. This takes place in various locations from June to September, including the piazze, palazzi, parks and courtyards. Dance to one of the many different types of bands and DJs, grab your picnic basket and watch a film on an outdoor screen late into the night, and indulge in some classical Italian culture.

Let’s not forget that aside from all the festivals and concerts throughout the summer, it’s still the perfect time to take in some of Rome’s most famous attractions whilst you’re there, such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum, or Sistine Chapel.

Have I convinced you that Rome is the place for you this summer?

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