Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Day Trip to... Clapham, North Yorkshire

I did intend on writing this blog post quite a while back, as we made the trip a few months ago, but life has caught up with me and I've found I rarely have time for blogging as much as I would have liked to. I have several 'day trip' posts to write over the next coming weeks as we've been making a lot more family trips out and about in the Yorkshire Dales.

Clapham isn't somewhere I would have thought about visiting, although I've driven through it many a time on the way to Morecambe where my parents had a static caravan when I was a child. A friend from college lives there (which to me seems miles away!) and recommended we came up to visit the tearoom and Bunkhouse that she works at for a spot of lunch. I was really lucky on the weekend we went because there was a lovely vintage shop open next to Clapham Bunk with so many treasures, it was very hard to resist.

It took around 45 minutes from Keighley to drive up there, and it was such a lovely and scenic drive that I would definitely recommend taking a little trip up there. There's plenty to do around too including caving, biking and walking around the Dales. We didn't have time to head up to Ingleborough Cave for a walk around, which I think is one of the most popular scenic destinations around this area, but we did have time to walk around the village itself and have a spot of lunch.

There's plenty to do in the village itself, there's a lovely long river which isn't so deep so there were a couple of kids playing down there with their dog. Some of them had nets and a bucket which was lovely to see, I don't think you find that much nowadays! We headed up for a little walk to the park after a Ploughman's Lunch courtesy of my friend's tea room, and Dexter had a wonderful time. It's villages like these that I can most see myself moving in to at the moment, with a local pub, school and close amenities.

I'd definitely recommend heading up to Clapham for the day, especially now the weather seems to be getting a lot better. Pack yourself up a picnic and go for a walk, you don't find views like this everywhere!


  1. Mmm now I want all the cheese. I haven't heard of this place so might have to give it a little check out!
    Bee |

  2. I went to Clapham last year I believe. Some amazing walks around that neck of the woods. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's a beautiful village.

    - Kate xx

    A British Sparkle