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Why the Vintage Style Cast Iron Radiator is Becoming a Trend | Lifestyle & Personal Style

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In the early days, cast iron radiators were mainly used as a means of heating a house. Then as the decades passed, different styles of cast iron radiators came including Victorian and Edwardian styled ones. These radiators brought out the delicacy of the period’s fine lines.

The unique and timeless beauty of cast iron radiators is one of the main reasons why people are slowly gravitating towards this style of central heating. What started as a simple utilitarian tool has now become a popular interior d├ęcor.

But, it’s not only that. There’s a few more reasons why people love cast iron radiators…

1.    They look good in every home.

Whether it’s a vintage style room or a modern home, cast iron radiators seem to fit in just fine. With the right spray paint colour to match or complement the room, your old cast iron radiator will blend in just beautifully with the other elements of your living space.

2.    You can lean on them.

Take note of the word: lean. Sometimes, you think your radiator is strong enough to hold your weight but often the case is that it is not.  Most cast iron radiators sit on the floor so you’re able lean on them gently as you stare out the window sipping a cup of tea. 

3.    They make a great conversation starter.

Radiators are the last thing you want to talk about but a vintage style one is a whole new story. They vintage style is enough to get anyone talking about it from the design to the era that it was inspired in. And the next thing you know, you’re already having a debate about historical facts. Keep your cast iron radiator visible in your living room. It gets the people talking.

4.    They emit heat efficiently and evenly.

Cast iron radiators do a better job at heating your home efficiently than the modern type of radiators. Although it takes longer to heat up, they heat the surrounding air better and keeps your room warm for longer. Several studies have already proven that cast iron radiators are more energy efficient than any other type of radiator.

5.    They are highly durable.

Cast iron radiators were built to last. This is because cast iron material itself is sturdy enough to last forever. Unlike other modern radiators that you see in the market these days, a cast iron radiator, like the ones at The Cast Iron Radiator Factory, will not rust for a whole lifetime.

6.    They are easy to maintain.

The only time you will need to maintain your radiator is when you need to paint it to make it complement your room’s new style. Cast iron radiators require little to no maintenance and they are easy to clean.

7.    They can be customised.

Depending on where you are shopping from, cast iron radiators can actually be customised. This is a great idea since you get a bespoke radiator that perfectly fits the needs of your home. Customised cast iron radiators are often built depending on the length, size, pattern, and finish. You’ll never run out of designs to choose from with a company offering customised cast iron radiators.

We hope this article has enlightened you on the appeal of cast iron radiators. As cast iron radiators grow in popularity, there’s bound to be more reasons to love them. If you haven’t considered a cast iron radiator before but now you want to, you can take advantage of the wide range of designs available in the market today.

What do you think of vintage cast iron radiators? Love them or hate them? Let us know in the comments.

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