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7 Popular Styles of Engagement Rings in 2016 | Lifestyle

If you are looking to choose an engagement ring soon, then you may be interested to know what is currently in fashion this year when it comes to the different styles of rings. Once you know the style of ring that you prefer, you can then purchase your diamonds and precious metals, and have your ring professionally made, making a saving in the process.

The Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut is the most popular cut of diamond used in ornate jewellery, so it is no surprise that this cut is popular once again in 2016. All jewellers will have a large selection of this style of cut; and Diamond Brokers Queensland creates dazzling engagement rings using round brilliant cut diamonds.

The Princess Cut

The princess cut is the second most favourite cut of diamonds, and is also prevalent this year. Similar to an inverted pyramid, the princess cut catches the light brilliantly and will make your finger sparkle, sure to attract the attention of your friends and colleagues!

Open Setting

Engagement rings with an open setting have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and 2016 looks set to be no different. You will need to be careful with this style, however, as it can catch on things easily.

The Halo

The halo setting is another style which has been increasingly popular over the years, with many brides-to-be opting for this style of setting. You can add some sparkle to smaller or duller stones, using this, and can also make you look like you have spent a lot more than you have. Diamond Queensland, Australia, has many clients asking for this style of engagement ring, which they can supply on a bespoke basis, and they expect it to be popular again this year. 

The Marquise Cut 

The marquise is a timeless classic and is making a comeback in 2016. There is a vintage, as well as a regal look to this cut of diamond, and you can pair the stone with another, or play around with the placement of the setting, giving yourself a new twist to this classic setting.

The Over and Under 

The over and under rings, with a wrapped or split shanks, have become very popular recently, and is an up and coming trend for 2016. The over and under is an ornate, but simple looking ring, but this style is an excellent way to show off the quality of a diamond in the ring.

Not Just Gold!

Traditionally an engagement ring would be made out of yellow or white gold, or maybe even platinum. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to use other precious metals and alloys to make interesting and unique jewellery. 2016 is seeing these less traditional metals increasing in popularity as people search for something different. If you want to stand out and be different, why not use palladium or tungsten, rather than traditional metals? You can design your engagement ring using a different kind of precious metal, and have your favourite diamond cut, making a truly unique ring.

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