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How Wearing Earrings Can Enhance Your Look! | Fashion

Adding accessories to your look is always good if you want to make a statement. Earrings are a popular accessory that can make you look great. Here’re some ways earrings can enhance your whole look!

They are perfect for adding a new colour to your outfit

Wearing earrings can enhance your look as they can add a whole new colour to your outfit. If you are wearing a black dress and add bright coloured earrings, it can instantly make your entire outfit a lot more interesting. Not only can you contrast with different colours to make your outfit stand out, but you can also choose a colour which matches your outfit. As this article reveals, you need to get the right blend of colours so that it stays fashionable.

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They can make an outfit go from casual to glam

By adding earrings to your outfit, you can turn your casual outfit into something a lot more glam. Even if it’s just jeans and a top, earrings can make it appear more glamorous and fashionable. They are perfect for days where all your nice outfits are in the wash, but you still want to look fabulous. Try experimenting with fun styles such as drop earrings and unique shaped earrings from fashion sites such as ELF925.

They can bring out the colour of your eyes

A lot of women wear beautiful earrings during a date because they bring out the colour in your eyes. They highlight your best feature, making you a lot more attractive to the person you are on a date with. Try and stick to the colour of your eyes if you want to make an impression with your earrings.

Woman Wearing Silver Earrings and Green Shirt
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They are good if you don’t like your ears

Another reason how earrings can enhance your look is if you don’t like your ears. Adding earrings mean people will be distracted by the size and shape of your ears. They will focus on the pretty earrings instead. Go for larger earrings if you are going to wear your hair up so it distracts from your ears. It can make people who feel uncomfortable about their ears much happier to show them off if they are wearing earrings.

They can define your style

Wearing earrings is ideal for defining your style and making a statement. For example, by adding some pearl earrings, it can make you appear more classic and sophisticated. While wearing more playful and colourful styles of earrings, can help define your style as quirky and unique. As this article says, you outfit will look completely different depending on what style of earrings and other accessories you go for.

You can wear a matching necklace

You can also wear matching earrings and necklace to help enhance your look. You can buy many beautiful matching sets from stores and online which can make a boring outfit stand out. Make sure it doesn’t look too tacky, though. Wearing matching jewellery is perfect for special occasion wear when you can be more creative with your outfit.

Wearing earrings is a great way to be more fashionable. Just make sure you don’t buy anything too cheap as you could end up with an infection.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Why the Vintage Style Cast Iron Radiator is Becoming a Trend | Lifestyle & Personal Style

(Image by elycefeliz via Flickr)

In the early days, cast iron radiators were mainly used as a means of heating a house. Then as the decades passed, different styles of cast iron radiators came including Victorian and Edwardian styled ones. These radiators brought out the delicacy of the period’s fine lines.

The unique and timeless beauty of cast iron radiators is one of the main reasons why people are slowly gravitating towards this style of central heating. What started as a simple utilitarian tool has now become a popular interior décor.

But, it’s not only that. There’s a few more reasons why people love cast iron radiators…

1.    They look good in every home.

Whether it’s a vintage style room or a modern home, cast iron radiators seem to fit in just fine. With the right spray paint colour to match or complement the room, your old cast iron radiator will blend in just beautifully with the other elements of your living space.

2.    You can lean on them.

Take note of the word: lean. Sometimes, you think your radiator is strong enough to hold your weight but often the case is that it is not.  Most cast iron radiators sit on the floor so you’re able lean on them gently as you stare out the window sipping a cup of tea. 

3.    They make a great conversation starter.

Radiators are the last thing you want to talk about but a vintage style one is a whole new story. They vintage style is enough to get anyone talking about it from the design to the era that it was inspired in. And the next thing you know, you’re already having a debate about historical facts. Keep your cast iron radiator visible in your living room. It gets the people talking.

4.    They emit heat efficiently and evenly.

Cast iron radiators do a better job at heating your home efficiently than the modern type of radiators. Although it takes longer to heat up, they heat the surrounding air better and keeps your room warm for longer. Several studies have already proven that cast iron radiators are more energy efficient than any other type of radiator.

5.    They are highly durable.

Cast iron radiators were built to last. This is because cast iron material itself is sturdy enough to last forever. Unlike other modern radiators that you see in the market these days, a cast iron radiator, like the ones at The Cast Iron Radiator Factory, will not rust for a whole lifetime.

6.    They are easy to maintain.

The only time you will need to maintain your radiator is when you need to paint it to make it complement your room’s new style. Cast iron radiators require little to no maintenance and they are easy to clean.

7.    They can be customised.

Depending on where you are shopping from, cast iron radiators can actually be customised. This is a great idea since you get a bespoke radiator that perfectly fits the needs of your home. Customised cast iron radiators are often built depending on the length, size, pattern, and finish. You’ll never run out of designs to choose from with a company offering customised cast iron radiators.

We hope this article has enlightened you on the appeal of cast iron radiators. As cast iron radiators grow in popularity, there’s bound to be more reasons to love them. If you haven’t considered a cast iron radiator before but now you want to, you can take advantage of the wide range of designs available in the market today.

What do you think of vintage cast iron radiators? Love them or hate them? Let us know in the comments.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Amazing Places You Can't Miss in Shoreditch, London | Travel

Located in East London in the London Borough of Hackney, Shoreditch is a fashionable district where art knows no bounds. Once a centre for textile and furniture trades, Shoreditch in the past 20 years has seen a change thereby becoming more creative and hence attracting the imaginative crowd. The trendy and vibrant neighbourhood is home to names such as Alexander McQueen, Gary Hume, Tracey Emin, Damien Hurst and Noel Fielding. It is ideally placed in central London and is close to Liverpool Street. The neighbourhood is famous amongst architects, artists and filmmakers and houses a wide range of art galleries, cafes, restaurants and bars.

We offer you a list of amazing places to visit in shoreditch. Here you go!

Rivington Place
Rivington Place is a venture between the Institute of International Visual Arts and the Autograph ABP. It is committed to diverse visual arts and offers contemporary art, photography exhibitions, talks, screenings and seminars.

Dennis Server's House
Dennis Sever's House is where you can explore the 18th century life as it was lived by Huguenot silk weavers. Dennis Sever's House is located on Folgate Street. It was built in the year 1724. The rooms of the house have been changed into tableaux vivants.

Geffrye Museum
Founded in the year 1914, Geffrye Museum focuses on the history of English domestic interiors. Come here and you'll get to how the style and tastes in home interiors have changed and developed all these years. The progression from Georgian interiors to Victorian decor that you get to see here is lovely. The museum is named after Sir Robert Geffrye, a former Lord Mayor of London.

Leonard Street Gallery
An art space, Leonard Street Gallery focuses on creative and talented young artists offering them an opportunity to experience varied creative mediums.

The Rectory Gallery
An exhibition space, The Rectory Gallery is aimed at supporting new and upcoming artists. The doorway is grand and takes you to the grand hallway with superb staircase. This leads to a private living area, and downwards to the church office. Come here and experience the Georgian splendour and atmospheric traces of a domestic space.

When you are in Shoreditch, do check out the trendy galleries and cafes. Enjoy a lovely stay in Shoreditch to soak in the neighbourhood and have a gratifying experience. The neighbourhood offers a diverse variety of hotels and serviced apartments based on your requirements. Take your pick and enjoy!

About the Author
I am Shalini, I like to meet new people, explore new places and share my experiences. Traveling intrigues and rejuvenates me. In this blog, I have gather curated amazing places to explore in Shoreditch.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

7 Popular Styles of Engagement Rings in 2016 | Lifestyle

If you are looking to choose an engagement ring soon, then you may be interested to know what is currently in fashion this year when it comes to the different styles of rings. Once you know the style of ring that you prefer, you can then purchase your diamonds and precious metals, and have your ring professionally made, making a saving in the process.

The Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut is the most popular cut of diamond used in ornate jewellery, so it is no surprise that this cut is popular once again in 2016. All jewellers will have a large selection of this style of cut; and Diamond Brokers Queensland creates dazzling engagement rings using round brilliant cut diamonds.

The Princess Cut

The princess cut is the second most favourite cut of diamonds, and is also prevalent this year. Similar to an inverted pyramid, the princess cut catches the light brilliantly and will make your finger sparkle, sure to attract the attention of your friends and colleagues!

Open Setting

Engagement rings with an open setting have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and 2016 looks set to be no different. You will need to be careful with this style, however, as it can catch on things easily.

The Halo

The halo setting is another style which has been increasingly popular over the years, with many brides-to-be opting for this style of setting. You can add some sparkle to smaller or duller stones, using this, and can also make you look like you have spent a lot more than you have. Diamond Queensland, Australia, has many clients asking for this style of engagement ring, which they can supply on a bespoke basis, and they expect it to be popular again this year. 

The Marquise Cut 

The marquise is a timeless classic and is making a comeback in 2016. There is a vintage, as well as a regal look to this cut of diamond, and you can pair the stone with another, or play around with the placement of the setting, giving yourself a new twist to this classic setting.

The Over and Under 

The over and under rings, with a wrapped or split shanks, have become very popular recently, and is an up and coming trend for 2016. The over and under is an ornate, but simple looking ring, but this style is an excellent way to show off the quality of a diamond in the ring.

Not Just Gold!

Traditionally an engagement ring would be made out of yellow or white gold, or maybe even platinum. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to use other precious metals and alloys to make interesting and unique jewellery. 2016 is seeing these less traditional metals increasing in popularity as people search for something different. If you want to stand out and be different, why not use palladium or tungsten, rather than traditional metals? You can design your engagement ring using a different kind of precious metal, and have your favourite diamond cut, making a truly unique ring.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Top three European cities for culture-lovers | Travel

Europe is a treasure trove of culture and is home to some of the most stunning cities in the world. If you love old towns, picturesque backdrops and unique architecture then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top three European cities for avid culture-vultures, and just some of the sites you’ll be itching to see.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Croatia has seen a huge boost in tourism recently, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Dubrovnik in particular is drawing more people every year, with its calm turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and dozens of relaxed and friendly bars and restaurants. However, it’s Dubrovnik’s rich historical past that have a big impact on people.

Iconic buildings include Rector’s Palace, a melting pot of architectural design after having been re-built twice in its lifetime, and the 16th Century Sponza Palace. Most people say though that no trip to Dubrovnik is complete without a walk around the city walls that offer you unparalleled views out to sea, alongside the famous little red roofs of the city.

Vienna, Austria
Vienna is a lively little city with a lot to offer even the most discerning of culture lovers. Why not start off by enjoying the fine wines that the region has to offer? With seven square kilometres of vineyards that lie within its boundaries, Vienna actually qualifies for the title of world’s largest wine-growing capital city.

You won’t find any problems trying to find some exceptional food to go with it either, especially seen as Vienna’s largest open-air food market, the Naschmarkt, opens Monday to Saturday. Or instead, head out to one of Vienna’s many fine-dining restaurants before an evening of opera – be sure to book reservations and tickets in advance though through sites like, as these events sell out fast.

Freiburg, Germany
Romantic canals surrounded by colourful little houses, cobbled streets paved with markets, all surrounded by luscious, dense forests just waiting to be explored. This is what awaits you in the sleepy city of Freiburg in South West Germany, but don’t be fooled, there’s a lot more to this fascinating city than meets the eye.

If you’re a lover of fine architecture, then the historical spires of Freiburger Münster should be right up your street. Complete with its own gargoyles, this 11th Century marvel cuts an impressive silhouette, and from its tallest tower you can even see the Vosges Mountains of France on a clear day.

If you’d like to delve deeper into Freiburg’s rich past, then your next stop should be the Augustinermuseum. Its famous Sculpture Hall on the ground floor is home to fine medieval sculptures and Renaissance masterpieces. Then finish off with a tour of the Schlossburg forests via cable car, or for the more serious hikers, there are plenty of trails that offer a challenge.

I hope today’s post has convinced you to go and visit these beautiful cities. Are you planning a European trip soon? I’d love to hear where you’re travelling to so please feel free to leave a comment.