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Make Your Wedding Stand Out Amongst the Crowd | Lifestyle

Wedding Kiss Balloon Drop
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Sometimes, we like to tell ourselves that the aesthetic of the wedding isn’t important. If you boil it down to the key factors - a proclamation of love, a legal bind, friends and family - then you can see how that is somewhat true. But let’s face it; we love to be able to frame the memory of such an important day with dazzling features.

One of the ways we can make a wedding feel beautiful without detracting from the main factors is to be subtle. Subtlety in itself can help your wedding stand out amongst the overblown events people often see. People go to a lot of weddings in their lifetime, and the memories of them can often blur into one. Make sure yours stands out.

The venue
Are you thinking about marrying in a church? Come on. Isn’t that what everyone you know has done? What a million television characters have done? A church is a predictable and often dusty venue. Why conform to the masses?

Tutbury castle
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Technically, you can get married anywhere you like. We’re not saying you should get married in your living room, but you should certainly look in places other than a church. There’s Tutbury Castle, the medieval ruins supposedly haunted by the ghost of Mary, Queen of Scots. There’s also Carnglaze Caverns, a beautiful set of underground caverns that can hold weddings.

The invitations
The wedding invitation is something you want your guests to keep. It makes for an amazing memento if you get it right. Don’t just send out a card that says “Save the date”! These are going to your friends and family. Be more fun and creative!

For the style of the invite itself, you should consider laser cut wedding invitations. Make the message inside something personal and informal. You don’t want it to look like you hired some company to copy-paste a generic invite template in all the invites. Consider writing a unique message to all the guests. That sounds like a hefty task, sure. But if they’re important enough to be invited to your wedding in the first place, then perhaps they’re worth it.

A Nervous Groom
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Why not invite people to bring their pets? Of course, this will all depend on the venue to which you’re going. And many people don’t even want kids at their wedding, let alone animals. But let’s face it: a puppy dressed as a groom would be a great addition to any wedding. Maybe this suggestion is a little silly, but give it some consideration. Please? It would be so cute!

The gifts
We considered the wedding invitations as mementos earlier. A physical item by which someone can remember the day is an amazing addition. Why not consider some custom gifts for your guests?

It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy. We’re not talking about buying them all a car, here. But how about getting some custom t-shirts for your guests? Maybe you should get something like I WENT TO (wife’s name) AND (husband’s name)’S WEDDING AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS STUPID T-SHIRT? It should be something they will see immediately and know it was from your wedding.

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