Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Foolproof Tips To Find Your Personal Style | Fashion

Personal style is one of those terms that is always thrown around like we all know what it means. On an ordinary level, sure. We know that personal style refers to the way that someone wears something. What they might choose, how they might accessorise it that separates them from everyone else. But what about our personal style? Do we really know what suits us? Can we identify our style with ease or do we simply “know it when we see it”? It may seem self-indulgent at first but really taking the time to understand your own personal style can have lots of benefits. Firstly, it will save you money. We have all been in a situation where we want to wear something new, hate it, and never get around to returning it. We also might buy the same kinds of things time and again because we have forgotten what we even had! Knowing your personal style means you’re less likely to take the risks that won’t suit you. But you’re more likely to be able to adapt trends to fit your own style, because you know exactly what that style is. Personal style isn’t about owning as much as possible or even looking great in absolutely everything. It’s about getting wear out of your existing wardrobe and looking great in what you have. At its best, personal style captures your personality, flatters your body type, and looks effortless. With a few quick steps, you can discover your own.

Look Through Your Existing Wardrobe
Begin by taking an honest look at the clothes you already own. Are you minimalistic? A hoarder? Do you clearly favour the style of one season over another? Many of us love the Summer for example and so have tons of strappy tops and sandals. Others are Winter lovers and splurge on warm coats and cosy sweaters. What you own is a good indicator of what you naturally gravitate towards. Select a few of your most worn items and try to think of a few words that capture them. If you find you wear a blazer, scarf, and cashmere sweater, then classic, chic, and tailored might work. If you like maxi dresses dresses, sandals, and floppy hats, how about bohemian, feminine, and relaxed? Write down what springs to mind and see what else in your wardrobe fits it. When you’re out shopping, recall the words and see what fits that aesthetic. You’re less likely to be drawn to things that don’t go with anything else in your wardrobe.

Get Inspiration
Browsing magazines or websites like for celebrity style can be a great place to start. Identify a few people who you think look great and get specific about it. Why do you admire their style? Is it because you like the way they dress for their body? Or maybe you love someone who breaks the rules? Is it the textures, colours, or materials you like? Perhaps it is just the overall “personality” of the outfit. Whatever the reason, start thinking about the impression you’d like your own style to create. Many people have describing style and clothing as creating a character. It doesn’t have to be as literal as feeling like a different person, but we all want to feel like the best version of ourselves. Think about the image or personality trait that you want to project and ask if your clothes reflect it.

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