Tuesday, 29 March 2016

5 Great Places To Buy A Holiday Home | Travel

Are you considering buying a holiday home abroad? Here are four places you should consider taking the leap.

If you live in the UK, buying a holiday home in France is a great idea. First of all, it’s close by. You can be there in a matter of hours. Secondly, there are tonnes of different options for getting there. You can fly, sure, but there is also the ferry, the Eurostar and of course, the car! This proximity and flexibility means that going every couple of weeks is viable. You’ll also have to save up less to get there! France also has better weather than the UK; although where doesn’t!

The Telegraph put together a list of 20 great places to buy in France. Towns in Brittany and Provence both make the list, the latter of which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie own property in. Plus, it’s only an hour from St. Tropez for when you want to top up your tan and live like a celebrity.

Spain has had a property nightmare over the last few years. When the economic downturn occurred, developers were in the process of building thousands of holiday homes. Homes that were priced around the 200,000 mark were suddenly selling for 100,000 or less.

Recovery is now slow and gradual. As a result, bargains are still be had. Like France, it has a close proximity to the UK. You’ll need to move fast. Experts have predicted that the majority of these great deals will be gone by 2017. The also advise buying away from the sea and beaches for the biggest savings.

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Caribbean holiday homes are what dreams are made of. Along with your new home, you get reliable, sunny weather, blue skies and seas and a slower pace of life. The locals are overwhelmingly friendly across many Islands. The car reg plate slogan in Aruba is “One Happy Island”. You can’t argue with that.

While the journey out there might not be the cheapest, once you get there your money will go far further than it would elsewhere.

Given how much further your money goes in the Caribbean, you’ll be looking at luxury villas with private pools and incredible vistas. Take a look at Real Estate on Nevis, a small island just 36 square miles big. Be warned; you might fall in love.

Nova Scotia
While classed at Canada, it only takes five hours to fly to Nova Scotia from London. This short flight time means budget flights are available. You can set off to the airport after work and be there by midnight!

The population of Nova Scotia is around the 940,000 mark, meaning plenty of space and free areas to roam. With 4,360 miles of coastline, you can find a piece of this to call your own without much competition. You can stay for up to half a year each year without needing to apply for a visa extension, and you can get a lot of land for your money. Acres and acres in fact.

As for what it looks like? Well, you only need to do a quick Google search to see the beautiful, rugged landscapes.

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