Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What does your wardrobe say about you? | Fashion

We're in February already, and I can't quite believe how quickly January has gone. I feel it was just last week I was looking at all my sparkly dresses and new pyjamas received as gifts, topped up with sales purchases. Obviously wondering where I'm going to fit everything in my wardrobe, I still haven't managed to get everything in yet and most are still hanging around with their tags on in the bags they came in.

This lead me to wonder what type of a person I am, do I clutter? Should I think about having a capsule wardrobe? Do I really need all those dresses in the same pattern just because the colour is different? Probably not. I really do need to think about spring cleaning soon, and de-cluttering my vastly growing dress collection to eBay.

I think my wardrobe says that I'm quite quirky, that I like similar styles and prints, but always need a few key and stylish pieces in there too. This is ultimately what I would like to downsize to anyway.

Have a look at this fun quiz, and work out what your wardrobe says about you...

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