Thursday, 11 February 2016

Webster's Pages Turquoise, my current planner set up | Stationery

I mentioned a few blog posts back that I would start showing my planner layouts, the inserts, how I pimp my planner with paperclips, washi tape and stickers and so on. I thought rather than doing a monthly update on what I'm using etc, I would just do it as and when I switched planners.

These Webster's Pages from 2015 were on sale at the end of last year on Create and Craft TV for £3 each, and the folios at the same cost. It's easy to say that everyone in the planner community went to pick up as much as they could. I for one only bought the white planner and folio, and the dark pink planner and folio at that time. Since then I've been hunting down the turquoise (the one I have now) and the caramel set too. I'll probably end up with the light pink and light blue set as well. They are just such versatile personal planners, cheap and do their job marvellously. I like to change mine around frequently and these seem to be the best I have at the moment.

I'm currently using the turquoise planner and folio set. I haven't pictured the folio but on a weekly basis I update it with the washi tape and sticker collection for the week in case I'm out and about and fancy having a bit of a change or adding a couple of stickers etc.

This is quite a plain and 'boring' set up for me, so I normally add to and take away depending how I fancy. That's what I love about planning, it's so versatile. In my weekly spread posts you'll see the different paperclips come and go, and adding different post it notes depending on how I feel.

I'm using the dashboard, pen, notebook (in the flap), sticky notes and charm from my latest Happie Scrappie subscription box. Roughly costing £15 per month for the personal size and being delivered without customs charges, it's definitely worth a purchase. This month's kit was donut and sweet themed. I absolutely adore it. The pastel pink box paperclip is from one of my favourite Etsy shops, IsabelleTheOwl and I'm sure you'll see me frequent about her stickers and planner accessories often. I can't remember where the bulldog clips and the other paperclip came from, they were probably received in a swap or I bought them on Etsy but I'm every so forgetful.

So that's my set up for the end of January and into February so far. As I mentioned in my first weekly spread coming soon, you'll see there have been more additions too!

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