Sunday, 7 February 2016

How much do you really know about healthy living? | Lifestyle

In a word, nothing. I'm probably the worst person to talk to about healthy living or knowing anything about living a health lifestyle. I've struggled with eating habits for the majority of my life, and hit yo-yo dieting like it's going out of fashion; and why? Because I don't know the basics on living a healthy lifestyle.

As some of you might have known I've been out of action for a considerable amount of the past two years only to hopefully have spinal surgery this week rectifying most of my problems. During the middle of last year I joined the gym for 'rehabilitation' exercise, to help strengthen my core muscles and build up muscle mass again in my leg and bum. At this point I re-joined Weight Watchers and lost around 2 stone which made me feel a whole lot better, until my back caved in and, well, that is a whole other story.

February, not just about sending hearts for Valentine's Day, but also national heart month too meaning there are lots more reasons to not give up your New Year's Resolutions or to start a new one this month. For me, thinking about keeping fit and keeping my body in check isn't about weight loss or how I look, it's simply about keeping myself sorted with the 'little things' that help me chase after my little boy and throw him up in the air on a daily basis.

Why not have a look at this quick quiz to see if there are any tips you can pick up on how to keep a healthy heart? Are you health and fitness guru?

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