Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pick The Perfect Frames For Your Face Shape | Beauty

Being told that you have to wear glasses might be a little upsetting, especially if you weren’t expecting it, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ve had friends break down in tears because they’ve been told they have to wear glasses, but there’s no need to stress about it.

Even with glasses on, you can still look stylish and sexy, many celebrities wear glasses, as do many models. Glasses are no longer something to be teased about, but believe it or not, are often used as a fashion statement. The most important thing when it comes to wearing glasses is selecting the perfect frames for your face shape. Get this right, and you’ll look and feel fabulous.


What’s your face shape?
First things first, you will need to work out what shape your face is. You might think that you’d already know your face shape, but a lot of us actually don’t. We might have an idea of what shape our face resembles, but that’s it.

While we each have a unique face shape, there are four main ones that most people fit into. And those are square, heart-shaped, round, and rectangular. If you have a square face, your jawline is strong but your face short. Heart-shaped faces are larger at the top than they are at the bottom, often these faces come with a pointy chin. Round faces are small and circular. And last but not least, rectangular faces have strong jawlines like square faces but are longer in length.

Square faces
If you have a square face, the best frames for you are designs that are straight and thin. This style of glasses can look good if you have a square face as it can help to draw attention away from the jawline and balance out the face. Before you buy, always make sure to try a few pairs of glasses out, to see which ones look best on you. For a wide selection of Valentino glasses, have a browse online.

Heart-shaped faces
People with heart-shaped faces tend to have cheekbones that are well defined, making them look amazing in glasses. (Little confidence booster for you there.) And because of how great your cheekbones look, the last thing you want is to take attention away from them. That's why, you need to be choosy about your glasses. Glasses that are frameless could be perfect for you as they won’t draw attention away from your cheekbones.

Rectangular faces
For a rectangular face, the larger the frames, the better. Often, this face shape leaves the face looking unbalanced. However, the right pair of glasses can soon change that. Aim for frames that are big and bold, as these will look incredible with your jawline.

Round faces
If you have a round face, the good news is that you can get away with wearing almost any frame. That being said, frames that are too big aren’t a good idea as they’ll take over your entire face and make it look small. Chunky frames, however, that aren’t too large, can look fantastic. Want to achieve that sought-after geek chic look - the thicker the frames, the better.

Want to be confident in your glasses? Take note of the tips above and you’ll feel great about how you look when wearing glasses.

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