Friday, 15 January 2016

Great Gifts For The Girl In Your Life | Lifestyle

Most girls think that guys are quite difficult to buy for. Little do they realise that it is most definitely a two-way street. Ask any guy and he’ll tell you, without a doubt, shopping for birthdays and V Day’s can feel like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun. Sometimes, it just seems like there’s no way to win. Is that exclusive to guys shopping for girls. No, I often have trouble thinking about what to get for girl friends of mine or even family members. There are certain pitfalls you definitely want to avoid.

For instance, you probably don’t want to buy them clothing whether you’re a guy or a girl. That is, unless you’re absolutely sure of the size. Buying a girl the gift of a piece of clothing that’s too small can become one of the most awkward moments of your life.

And, you might not want to buy them a gift that’s too personal and expensive. If they don’t like it it’s a waste of money and a gift that they’re not going to appreciate. You’ve lost on two levels. But there are ways to avoid these scenarios.

Clothing Without Size
There are certain pieces of clothing where one size fits all and that’s really the best way to handle buying a gift of clothing. You could buy a scarf because it’s perfect for the chilly, winter season. Or, you might want to buy them a dressing gown. I love the personalised bathrobes by Richard Haworth. You’ll find these in hotels and they are the most comfortable dressing gown you will ever wear. Failing that, you could buy a lovely pair of warm gloves if you know what colour to get.

Jewelry Girls Love
If you’re buying jewelry, you can get a piece that isn’t too bold or extravagant. I know there are girls who love a little bling and bedazzle, and you’ll usually be able to tell if you know someone like that. But if you’re not sure it’s best to just buy something simple in silver or gold. You should look for the type of jewelry that could really, match any style.

Playing It Safe
Of course, if you really want to play it safe you could just give them a gift card. The trick here is to put a lot of thought into the card that comes with it. Look for a card that says a lot about where you are in the relationship. Or, captures your friendship with a perfect poem. Then, you need to think about the gift card. Obviously, you should pick one that is for one of their favourite stores. Or, at the very least sells products that they would be interested in.

A Gift From The Heart
Finally, you could always just bite the bullet. Buy them a gift that’s personal and you think they’ll love. Possible ideas could be something engraved with a message or even a photo frame with a treasured memory. If they don’t like it...well, as they always say, it’s the thought that counts.

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