Monday, 18 January 2016

Wedding Planning Tools | Lifestyle

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. And also one of the most stressful. Even for a small wedding you will soon realize there is way more goes into planning it than you ever imagined. Whether you want to hold the reigns or hand them over to somebody else there are options around now to suit everyone. Today's wedding planning tools give you a choice like never before, allowing you to make an informed choice based on your own requirements and, of course, budget. Whether you want a small, civil ceremony a large lavish affair or fancy getting married overseas there is a wedding planning tool to suit you. Here is our choice of the best of them. 

Our Wedding 
whether you have chosen to organize your wedding all by yourself, or have hired somebody to do it for you, is irrelevant on this website. The fact everything is in place and you are counting down to the big day is the kind of news you want to share with the world. This website gives you the opportunity to do just that and also contains a host of other useful little features. A digital online album that lets you tell your guests the story leading up to your special day is a brilliant idea, and is proving to be very popular. You can also upload photos to this site and tell guests about how and when you got engaged, about yourself and your partner, give directions to the ceremony, provide a link to where you have your wedding registry at and much much more. If you want to do a Shonda and Keith and tell your story online this is the site for you. 

Wedding Planner
Marketed as the “number one online resource for brides to be” certainly offers a valuable tool when it comes to planning your wedding. This site is for those who are doing it themselves and gives information on everything you need to know to help you through the planning stage. The easy to navigate site offers you an easy to use menu where you select the service you are looking for and in which area. The free planning tools are easy to use and assist you in such necessities as sticking to your budget, making your guest list, helping you narrow down your list when it comes to selecting that all important venue and even giving you a comprehensive list of all the wedding fairs that will be taking place in your area. These resources are all free of charge and those who need some help knowing where to start could certainly make use of the information available. 

Wedding Ideas Mag
A useful planning tool if you are big on lists and like to have spreadsheets in front of you so you know where you are with everything. You can download a 12 month checklist with all the essentials on there and giving handy tips as to when you should have items booked and paid for. It also acts as a good reminder and virtual diary in the run up to your big day. It is, of course, pretty unlikely you would forget much but it's surprising how little things can slip your mind or if you can't remember a certain date you have to collect something. 

Sarah Haywood 
If you are planning on hiring a wedding planner and don't want to leave anything to chance, Sarah Haywood is the lady to contact. She has been responsible for some of the grandest and most opulent weddings the UK has ever seen, and many of her events have been captured and published in those glossy, coffee table mags. They offer a luxury, bespoke service and although she is in high demand she manages to make every couple feel as if they are her number one priority. Don't think because you don't want a lavish affair she can't help you either. Sarah can work her magic on any style wedding you desire, even the most fun and quirky are within her remit. One thing in particular that is notable about the services she offers is that she isn't one of those pushy wedding planners who takes over and leaves you feel as if your wedding is being planned while you watch from the wings. Sarah prides herself on working both for and with her clients so you work together to make your wedding day dreams become a reality. 

Who wouldn't want to boast that they had their wedding planned by Vogue? Unfortunately that's not quite how it works. Vogue weddings is more a resource tool to check out wedding trends, gain inspiration from celebrity weddings and offer general tips on how to make a great toast and ideas for overseas weddings. The ideas you will find on here are very much aimed at the top end of the market but even if you are planning a small event it's worth a look. This website could prove useful if you are trying to track down a special pair of shoes for your big day or want invitations which offer more than your standard wedding stationery. 

Brides of Culture 
This company organize wedding exhibition and fairs specializing in creating the perfect day for ethnic minority couples. Brides of Culture is a very useful resource tool particularly for Afro Caribbean brides looking for a wedding day that offers tradition with a modern twist. This website can prove very helpful for brides of Caribbean, African or Asian persuasion as they can greatly help you to track down specialist items you want to incorporate into your wedding day. Problems can arise when planning weddings in the UK for couples of ethnic cultures that don't exist for British couples, and Brides of Culture aim to help you overcome these hurdles and give you the wedding day you have always dreamed of. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

Great Gifts For The Girl In Your Life | Lifestyle

Most girls think that guys are quite difficult to buy for. Little do they realise that it is most definitely a two-way street. Ask any guy and he’ll tell you, without a doubt, shopping for birthdays and V Day’s can feel like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun. Sometimes, it just seems like there’s no way to win. Is that exclusive to guys shopping for girls. No, I often have trouble thinking about what to get for girl friends of mine or even family members. There are certain pitfalls you definitely want to avoid.

For instance, you probably don’t want to buy them clothing whether you’re a guy or a girl. That is, unless you’re absolutely sure of the size. Buying a girl the gift of a piece of clothing that’s too small can become one of the most awkward moments of your life.

And, you might not want to buy them a gift that’s too personal and expensive. If they don’t like it it’s a waste of money and a gift that they’re not going to appreciate. You’ve lost on two levels. But there are ways to avoid these scenarios.

Clothing Without Size
There are certain pieces of clothing where one size fits all and that’s really the best way to handle buying a gift of clothing. You could buy a scarf because it’s perfect for the chilly, winter season. Or, you might want to buy them a dressing gown. I love the personalised bathrobes by Richard Haworth. You’ll find these in hotels and they are the most comfortable dressing gown you will ever wear. Failing that, you could buy a lovely pair of warm gloves if you know what colour to get.

Jewelry Girls Love
If you’re buying jewelry, you can get a piece that isn’t too bold or extravagant. I know there are girls who love a little bling and bedazzle, and you’ll usually be able to tell if you know someone like that. But if you’re not sure it’s best to just buy something simple in silver or gold. You should look for the type of jewelry that could really, match any style.

Playing It Safe
Of course, if you really want to play it safe you could just give them a gift card. The trick here is to put a lot of thought into the card that comes with it. Look for a card that says a lot about where you are in the relationship. Or, captures your friendship with a perfect poem. Then, you need to think about the gift card. Obviously, you should pick one that is for one of their favourite stores. Or, at the very least sells products that they would be interested in.

A Gift From The Heart
Finally, you could always just bite the bullet. Buy them a gift that’s personal and you think they’ll love. Possible ideas could be something engraved with a message or even a photo frame with a treasured memory. If they don’t like it...well, as they always say, it’s the thought that counts.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Go To Gift Ideas for Your Friends | Lifestyle & Beauty

I quite like looking through gift guides and getting a little inspiration for people that I need to buy for. With Christmas just being here, I feel like I am in a bit of a rut with knowing what to get people. So it is nice just to have a plethora of gift ideas that you can just get to for any occasion. So here are a few things that I think work well for gifts for your girly friends.

Bath & Beauty Products
I don’t think you can go too far wrong with bath or beauty products. Bath bombs and body lotions always go down well. If it is a friend that you know well, you will know what their favourite scents or brands are. Makeup palettes are also a good option for a go-to gift. Some can be quite pricey, but there are many affordable brands to choose from. Just shop around and stick to the budget that you have.

I love to get flowers; I don’t know who doesn’t? Fresh flowers just brighten up the home and add so much colour. They will work perfectly for your friends. If you know their favourite flower than even better. It not, it is best to go for a mixed bunch. You often think that flowers are only suitable if you live close to the person. There are so many places to order flowers online that all you need to do is visit site and browse the range of flowers that they have.

(image source)

I love to get hampers too! You can buy such a variety of them from different shops. They all tend to feature the classic options like wine and chocolates, so they are a winner. If you are feeling a little bit creative, though, you could make your own hamper. You would just need a little basket or tray and then fill it with some of their favourite things. Rather than just buying a generic one with wines or chocolates, you could make sure that it has their favourite wines and chocolates. You could add in a DVD or something else that you know they will enjoy, like cute stationary.

Another option could be to fill it with something you have made. How about some homemade cupcakes or brownies? These would work for any occasion too. I think gifts like this are always a little bit more special because it shows a lot of thought and effort has gone into it. Just make sure that you have planned ahead and have enough time to make them!

This may seem like a lame option, but it is a winner in two ways. It saves you having to get something that you don’t know they will even want. So probably a better option for people that you don’t see as often. It is a winner in another way because the recipient can then get something that they may have been saving for or had their eye on. Go for a department store unless your friend has an absolute favourite shop.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pick The Perfect Frames For Your Face Shape | Beauty

Being told that you have to wear glasses might be a little upsetting, especially if you weren’t expecting it, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ve had friends break down in tears because they’ve been told they have to wear glasses, but there’s no need to stress about it.

Even with glasses on, you can still look stylish and sexy, many celebrities wear glasses, as do many models. Glasses are no longer something to be teased about, but believe it or not, are often used as a fashion statement. The most important thing when it comes to wearing glasses is selecting the perfect frames for your face shape. Get this right, and you’ll look and feel fabulous.


What’s your face shape?
First things first, you will need to work out what shape your face is. You might think that you’d already know your face shape, but a lot of us actually don’t. We might have an idea of what shape our face resembles, but that’s it.

While we each have a unique face shape, there are four main ones that most people fit into. And those are square, heart-shaped, round, and rectangular. If you have a square face, your jawline is strong but your face short. Heart-shaped faces are larger at the top than they are at the bottom, often these faces come with a pointy chin. Round faces are small and circular. And last but not least, rectangular faces have strong jawlines like square faces but are longer in length.

Square faces
If you have a square face, the best frames for you are designs that are straight and thin. This style of glasses can look good if you have a square face as it can help to draw attention away from the jawline and balance out the face. Before you buy, always make sure to try a few pairs of glasses out, to see which ones look best on you. For a wide selection of Valentino glasses, have a browse online.

Heart-shaped faces
People with heart-shaped faces tend to have cheekbones that are well defined, making them look amazing in glasses. (Little confidence booster for you there.) And because of how great your cheekbones look, the last thing you want is to take attention away from them. That's why, you need to be choosy about your glasses. Glasses that are frameless could be perfect for you as they won’t draw attention away from your cheekbones.

Rectangular faces
For a rectangular face, the larger the frames, the better. Often, this face shape leaves the face looking unbalanced. However, the right pair of glasses can soon change that. Aim for frames that are big and bold, as these will look incredible with your jawline.

Round faces
If you have a round face, the good news is that you can get away with wearing almost any frame. That being said, frames that are too big aren’t a good idea as they’ll take over your entire face and make it look small. Chunky frames, however, that aren’t too large, can look fantastic. Want to achieve that sought-after geek chic look - the thicker the frames, the better.

Want to be confident in your glasses? Take note of the tips above and you’ll feel great about how you look when wearing glasses.