Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Best Beauty Tips To Get The Look You Want | Beauty

I love beauty products, and I really enjoy applying them. I like to find new products and new ways to get that fresh new look we’re all striving for. Over the years, I’ve found some favorites, and I’ve also found new ways of doing things. I think it’s not only a good idea to find the right products for you. You also need to learn the best way to apply them.

Start with your skin care. Looking after your skin is so important, especially if you’re wearing a lot of makeup every day. You need to be certain you are gently cleaning all the makeup, and all the buildup from the day, away. I don’t think it matters how old you are when you start using a night cream. The idea is to protect your skin as you sleep. It holds the moisture in. Find one that is right for your age group and skin type.

When it comes to cleansing and toning, it’s important to choose products that are gentle. You need a good condition to your skin before you apply your foundation. Once you’ve cleansed, you can either add a moisturizer or choose a moisturizing foundation. Some will even have a hint of tan, but it’s up to you if you need it when you apply your base.

Applying makeup well takes a steady hand. You’ll also need lots of good, natural light and a magnifying mirror. One of the best tips I got was from a makeup training course. They are certainly worth the money if you’re looking to perfect your skills. You might even come away with some fresh new looks to better suit your skin tone and face shape.

Makeup is about light and shade. You want to lighten the areas that are dark, like the circles under your eyes. But you also want to brighten the areas that stand out, like just beneath your eyebrow arch and the peak of your cheek. Then you can shade in some contours to better define the shape of your face. Eyeshadow and blush are ideal ways to do this. Applicators can vary considerably. Pick better quality ones that you feel in control of.

Eyebrows and eyelashes need definition. As they are hair, they can be refined, removed, or brushed up in different directions. Use a good brush for your eyebrows and your mascara wand. And be careful to use hygienic products and applicators. Your eyes are very delicate! I like false lashes that are preglued. It saves me making a mistake and ending up with a sore eye. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Lips also need to stand out. Where would I be without my lip gloss? I love shine and love a vibrant color. If you’re looking to plump, then also invest in a good pencil to line. Care for your lips daily with balm as well. Some lip stay paints are better than others, but all can be uncomfortable at first. Reapplying your gloss could be the best choice. What’s your favorite gloss for this season?

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