Thursday, 31 December 2015

Are you diary/planner ready for 2016? - Pimp out your planner. (Part 2) | Stationery & Lifestyle

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, this would be a more in depth blog post focusing on planners, their inserts, stickers and accessories. This is generally if you have picked out your planner and fancy something different than the generic inserts and accessories that come in your planner. Essentially I'm teaching up how to pimp out your planner!

Have you sorted your diary/planner out for 2016? Maybe you completely fancy picking up a new diary or planner, or just fancy trying out some new inserts for your favourite planner. Here are a couple of my picks for you.

I tend to buy my inserts from Just So Stationery. The lovely Kirsty is a fabulous friend of mine and if there's anything I need she's brilliant at sorting a custom order out for me. What's brilliant about her collection, is that one of my favourite sticker sellers, HandcraftedBySheree, have joined together to create a set of stickers specifically for her planner inserts. Planner inserts are a quick and sometimes cheaper alternative to buying a whole new planner. Plus if you have a collection of planners (like me!) you can change however often as you wish without changing the inserts.

There are plenty of alternatives on Etsy too, it's simple and easy to search for 'planner stickers' or stickers for a specific planner such as 'Erin Condren stickers'. You'll find that you will probably find a few shops that you love and will stick to. There are a couple of amazing sellers in the UK who I LOVE, specifically EllieBethDesignsUK. You may remember I mentioned on Instagram that I attended a planner addict meet up earlier in the year, and the fabulous Rachel was the one who organised it. I definitely recommend her stickers, they are suitable for all kinds of planners. A couple of other sellers and shops I regular buy from are Dook Plook Designs, StickelCo, Miss Peppertea Plans, and Purple Pony Planning.

So you've sorted out your inserts, stickers, and now what about dashboards, paperclips and other accessories? Well my favourite store, for a long time, and a wonderful friend Charlie from Sea Salt and Paper makes the BEST planner accessories. She's a super lady and a fellow planner addict herself so you know there will always be something you'll want. I've picked up a couple of lovely bits from PlannerGlamourByBee and TeaCupsAndFloralsShop too.

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