Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Are you diary/planner ready for 2016? Take your pick. (Part 1) | Stationery & Lifestyle

One of my hobbies, that I sort of keep on the low down apart from my friends who have the same hobby, is being a planner addict. Now I've recently come across more bloggers showing their diaries, their planners, their sticker hoards and their masses of planners. I'm wondering if 2016 is finally my time to start a 'plan with me' weekly section and show my sticker hauls too. Let it be known that I've spent a lot over the Black Friday and Boxing Day sales on stickers, specifically those from the USA, they are my pride and joy. I'm in this for the long haul.

Being a 'sick girl' and 'spoonie' (having ME and spinal nerve damage) means that apart from college and work, I spend quite a lot of time under the covers. Either tucked up at my boyfriend's on the sofa with a duvet and the cats, or in bed at home. Planner crafting is a really quick and easy hobby for me to have. I can just set all my planner bits and bobs out, select a washi tape and theme for the week and get to it. It can last as long as you want or only for a quick 10 minutes. It's perfect to me. Anyway, more on that later I think.

I already have my selection for 2016. I have a Kate Spade Wellesley that means the world to me, and have recently acquired some 2016 Kate Spade inserts for her. I think I'll do a review of her later. I also have an Erin Condren Life Planner that I've had for some time and have recently bought plenty more accessories and covers in a group buy on Facebook. Lastly, I have an undated Happy Planner which means I can delve in and out of the months as I fancy without ruining it too much.

I've decided to write this post in two separate posts, only because there is a lot of content I've written and I suppose it can be separated into two posts. This post will concentrate on new diaries and planners, the second post will be mostly planner inserts and accessories.

Here are my diary and planner picks for you! You may have noticed that some of these are from the USA although they do offer UK shipping, but of course you need to look into customs, tax and VAT as these more often are at your own risk. Have a good look on Google as there are many new shops popping up which sell them in the UK nowadays.

There are plenty here to fit all budgets, and especially for everyone whether you're a planner collecting the latest Happy Planner kit and bag, or just fancy a new diary from Tesco to slip into your bag. It's not about the diary or the planner, it's about how you make it personal and how you add your simple touches to it. You'll see from my next post how to pimp out your planner.

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  1. Ahhh I want them all! Is that allowed? Excited for the next post as my planner needs some accessories!
    Parie x