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New Ways to Tackle Unsightly Blemishes | Beauty

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Every touch is subtly recorded in our skin’s memory. Every mark tells of our body’s past and present. Pollution, sun, and diet – these are amongst the culprits affecting the natural glow of our skin. As oils, dead cells and bacteria build up, texture and appearance are compromised.
Now for the good news. Various procedures, products, and techniques are available. Facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and photo-rejuvenation treatment; to name but a few. Each can tackle troublesome skin issues to leave a fresh appearance.
So what conditions can be improved?

Dry skin
Dry skin conditions may be a permanent problem for you. Coupled with itching, you may discover rough patches are red, inflamed and unsightly. The correct application of products and treatments can improve the appearance of dry skin. Once rehydrated, dry skin will become re-nourished once more. And Skin rejuvenation is complete.
The quantity of freckles various from person to person. A light sprinkling over the nose may be your only companion. Or your face and arms may be peppered with pin-prick marks. Excessive freckles coat the body to leave the skin underneath largely concealed from view. The sun’s rays can bring freckles to the fore. So you may experience seasonal outbreaks too. If your freckles are causing you embarrassment or making you feel self-conscious, there is help at hand.
Liver Spots
Liver spots are also often referred to as age spots. These typically develop as the skin begins to age. The pigmentation of the skin darkens to reveal freckle-like marks. Liver spots are commonly seen on the hands and arms. As well as age, liver spots are created by repeated exposure to the sun’s radiation. While we cover up our body, our hands are exposed to the sun on a daily basis. Over time, liver spots form as a result.
Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are a mom’s battle scars! They denote the nine months of hard labor required to deliver their little miracle(s). As well as pregnancy, stretch marks can be caused by other factors too. Sudden weight loss or weight gain can produce those tell-tale silver snail trail marks. For the most part, stretch marks can be largely concealed by clothing. However, if bearing all is leaving you self-conscious then it’s time to address those pesky marks.  
Cosmetic surgery or Botox are often the choices of celebrities when an aging face greets them in the mirror. These dramatic, and expensive, procedures are a step too far for many of us. Indeed, the signs of aging are part of who we are. They tell of our history. And to erase them in such a dramatic fashion is akin to eliminating our past life. We all want younger-looking skin. But the good news is the signs of aging can be addressed in a far more holistic manner. By increasing the collagen underneath our skin, the result is a firmer, more toned appearance.
Medical skin conditions such as impetigo, hives and eczema should always be treated by a medical professional. For everything else, alternative treatments are available to lend a cosmetic helping hand.

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