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Great Homemade Meal Ideas For Your Husband's Birthday | Lifestyle

When my husband has his birthday, I find it important to make it special for him. The quickest way to a man’s heart is food; everyone knows that! So, I have three meal ideas that are perfect for you to cook your husband/boyfriend on his birthday:

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Steak & Fries

Steak is one of man’s favourite foods to eat on special occasions. One does not simply eat steak on a normal night; it has to be special. If you cook steak for your husband, on his birthday, it will probably be better than any present you could buy him. If you want great steak, you need to buy a nice cut of meat. You can't get away with the cheap stuff because it will taste cheap. With steak, you get what you pay for. Pay a lot for a nice cut and you’ll get great tasting steak. I’d recommend you fry your steak on a griddle pan or even cook it on a barbecue. Make sure you cook the steak to your husband’s liking and never overcook it! Then, you should work on chopping up some potatoes and making your own fries. The perfect fry is soft and fluffy but with a little bit of crunch as you bite into it.

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Sometimes a simple dish can be the best way to your man’s heart. Every guy on this planet loves pizza; it’s a home favourite! Of course, most people will just call up a takeaway and get some pizza delivered, but, making it yourself is a lot better. The keys to great homemade pizza are the base, sauce and oven. The perfect base has a little crunch on the crust but is light and fluffy on the inside. I’d recommend making your own tomato sauce for your pizza too, it can taste fresher than just emptying a tube of tomato paste on your base. Make sure your oven is set to the right temperature so it can cook perfectly. Most pizzas don’t take too long to cook, and if you have a pizza oven, then that’s perfect!
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Gourmet Burger

Carrying on this theme of meals that men love, the burger is up next. I’m sure a few of you are reading this with a puzzled look on your face because burgers are hardly a fancy meal. Well, getting a burger from a fast-food chain won’t be very romantic or fancy, but cooking one will! Especially if you get a little creative and cook them a gourmet burger served with a crisp barrel-aged beer from Liquor Barn. There’s nothing impressive about a plain beef patty in a bun - so mix things up a bit. You could make a lamb and mint burger or, my personal favorite, a burger with melted cheese on the inside! To do this, you make your burger mince and then form patties around a bit of cheese. Then, when you cook them off, the cheese will have melted on the inside. Serve in a fancy brioche bun with some homemade burger sauce and more of those fries I mentioned earlier. A brilliant way to turn a simple dish into something much more!

So there you have three simple but amazing ways to create a delicious meal for your loved one’s birthday!

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