Monday, 5 October 2015

Fashion and Beauty Tips Wedding Guests Will Love | Fashion & Beauty

New fashion and beauty tips are always welcome, especially when it comes to a special event like a wedding. You want to be sure that you look your best, while not appearing as if you’re attempting to step on the bride to be’s toes. These fashion and beauty tips will help you out, so you can still look special and feel great!

Try Going for Pastel Colours 
Pastel colours are perfect for weddings. Even weddings that aren’t summer weddings are good for wearing pastels. This is because they’re cute, flirty and fun and not overly daring or sexy. You don’t want to give off the wrong impression at this wedding - it isn’t your day!

Incorporate Floral Patterns 
Floral patterns are the perfect pattern for weddings as they’re so pretty and girly! There are no rules when it comes to patterns, so you can pretty much wear anything you like. If unsure, floral is always a safe bet. There are plenty of mother of the bride fashions that have nice patterns like floral, so take a look if that’s what you’re after!

Keep Your Makeup Pretty and Subtle 
Wedding guests should aim to keep the makeup they wear on the day pretty and subtle. Look your best, but don’t go OTT with dark lipstick or eyeliner. You’re not here to look sexy! If you want to be a good wedding guest, it’s all about rocking the understated look.

Prepare in Advance
Start preparing in advance rather than panicking the night before. Do your nails, hair removal and other treatments the day before or even a few days before to get it out of the way. You can also make an effort to start eating better and drinking more water so you can really glow!

Stay Classy 
As I’ve said multiple times here, the goal is to stay classy. You need to make sure you have a classy cut to your outfit. You shouldn’t show off too much chest or leg. Ideally, your hemline will fall just above the knee.

Wear Something That Suits Your Shape 
Make sure you wear something that suits your shape so you can look great. There’s no need to panic or look frumpy when there are all kinds of things you could go for. Find out your body shape, research what suits it and what you like, and this should narrow down your search much quicker.

Don’t Be Tempted to Get Adventurous 
A wedding isn’t a great time to get adventurous and try new styles when it comes to clothing, hair, and makeup. It might seem boring but you should stick to what you know. I understand trying new things can be great, but leave it out this time. You’ll be devastated if it doesn’t go right.

I hope you love these tips and they help you to look your best on the day. Don’t forget to have fun - worrying too much about what you look like could stop you! Leave your own comments below in the comments.

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