Thursday, 3 September 2015

Taking A Trip? Don't Forget To Preen Yourself Before You Go! | Travel

If you have booked an autumn break, the chances are that you cannot wait to get away. You’ll no doubt have lots to prepare for your trip, from packing to taking out insurance. While you might be incredibly busy, don’t let your pre-holiday beauty prep slip your mind.

Whether you are off to somewhere in the UK or are heading for warmer shores, looking good while on vacation is a must. The key to having fantastic skin, nails, and hair, while you are away is a good pre-trip beauty regime.

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To help you ensure that when you leave for your holiday, you look as good as possible, I thought I would share a few of my pre-trip beauty tips with you.

Planning to sunbathe? Make sure to exfoliate
If you are heading for the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, the chances are that you are planning to sunbathe. If you want skin that will soak up the sun’s rays and tan beautifully, exfoliating before you go is a must.

Opt for an all-natural exfoliator, as products containing chemicals, can cause skin irritation. Or, better yet, make your own homemade salt or sugar scrub - these are super easy to make.

Don’t forget your footsies
Planning on wearing open-toed shoes? Yes - then taking care of your feet before you go away is crucial. Our footsies undergo a lot of wear and tear, which can leave them dry and cracked, which is not a nice look.

Use a pumice to gently exfoliate areas of hard, dry skin, and then cover in a rich moisturiser. For a natural skin softening treatment, smoother your feet in pure aloe vera - this works wonders for smoothing out the skin.

Once you’ve got your feet back in tip top shape, splash out on a pedicure and spruce up your toenails. If you want to save your money for your trip and have a steady hand with the nail polish, there's no reason that you can't do your nails yourself.

Get rid of unwanted hair
If you plan on popping on a swimsuit or bikini while you are away, getting rid of unwanted body hair is a must. There are lots of options for this, from waxing to laser hair removal - the treatment you choose is up to you.

An excellent method for removing hair from under your arms, bikini line, and face is laser removal. If you have a few weeks until your trip - it takes around six treatments to see results, opt for laser removal. It's quick, painless, and best of all, has long lasting results. To find out a little more about this, contact Courthouse Clinics, and see what treatments are on offer.

Get a fake tan
Yes, you might be off to sun yourself, but there is nothing worse than stepping out onto the beach with skin that hasn’t seen the sun in months. To give yourself a confidence boost, consider getting a fake tan before you go.

You can either opt to apply the fake tan yourself, or, for a more polished look, book into a tanning salon. Just make sure to opt for a colour that isn’t too dark for you features, as it will be obvious that the tan is fake.

To ensure that when you head off on your holidays you look amazing, all you need to do is follow the tips, above.

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