Thursday, 17 September 2015

My Love for Gossip Girl ~ Stationery Edition | Lifestyle & Stationery

It might come to some of you as a surprise that I only started watching Gossip Girl this year. I did try a couple of years ago to watch the first season but I couldn't get into it and just gave it up as a bad job. I think re-watching it this year was the first step towards my Netflix binge.

Anyway, I love the show, it's pretty clear to see that I also have a bit of an obsession with Blair Waldorf. Everything from her look, her personality, her sass, and fashion, just makes me one happy woman. So I decided that I would start a bit of a stationery collection in remembrance of her and the show.

I have seen a couple of notebooks with slogans from the show on before so that gave me a little inspiration, although I did have to Google to find quotes and slogans that I absolutely adored. I love Chroma notebooks and you can find a review of my first one here. I chose to buy another two and have them embossed with 'fashion is the most powerful art there is' and 'what would Blair Waldorf do?'. I also came across these pencils with the same quote on Etsy and had to buy them. I mean you know me, I love having matching stationery!

For the notebooks I chose the Nebraska perfect bound range from their collection of notebooks, the pale green colour is named 'Joanna' and the pale pink shade is called 'Elizabeth'. Both are embossed with gold writing, and the insides are plain white. You might have seen from my above review of Chroma's notebooks that I like the Ryton spiral bound range, and tend to have these with a grid layout as it's easier for me to write in too.

If you don't have your back to college/University stationery sorted, I would definitely check out Chroma Stationery just to see if they can meet your needs. They have also started stocking A4 notebooks as well as the original A5 notebooks too.

I haven't actually started using these notebooks but I'm shortly putting a little 'inspirational quotes and images' shelf up above my desk where I think I will display them rather than using them. They are far too pretty to be used!

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  1. I haven't ever seen Gossip Girl but despite that these notebooks are to die for. I have so many though I don't use and I always feel guilty. My favourite thing I think is the colours. Stunning!