Friday, 11 September 2015

7 Days, 7 Outfits #ToddlerStyle #BabyStyle #WBabyWT | My Motherhood Diary & Fashion

With Dexter starting nursery this week and Autumn approaching us instantly, I've had to think a lot about his clothes. What will he wear for nursery? Should he just go in 'messy' clothes in case he's painting and drawing? Should I invest in a pair of outdoor shoes for him just in case? Honestly, it has been quite a bit of a nightmare, and there have been a lot more things I've had to take into consideration. To sum it up, basically I feel like my toddler is growing up and heading off to 'school'.

Ever since Dex has been young, I've always bought his clothes from George. They have a great range of baby clothes at very reasonable prices, and lets be honest we all know that children's clothes don't last very long, get incredibly stained and all kinds of marks from things we didn't know exist.

I've been thinking a lot about co-ordinating his outfits to ensure maximum wear from his clothes this time. He's getting older, clothes are costing more and more too. I bought him a fantastic waterproof parka from TU at Sainsbury's which cost £22. I know that doesn't seem expensive but knowing I can pick up the same sort of coat from Primark shocked me a little bit. Hence, the 7 days and 7 outfits challenge.

For this challenge I've used a pair of jeans and a pair of tracksuit bottoms, teamed with a hoody, and four t-shirts for a mix and match set of outfits that can be co-ordinated with each other to create a wardrobe staple for your toddler. I must admit after this challenge I honestly have no idea why I spend so much money on clothes for Dexter, he doesn't need multiple pairs of trousers from Next (that I'm keeping for 'best' and I've stuffed in the wardrobe for the past two months).

The best part? The budget. I spent less than £45 on the clothes for this challenge. Knowing how long the clothes will last, and of course the quality, means that these will definitely last him a long time. Especially until he grows out of these too.

A big thanks to George for letting me participate in their toddler and baby style challenge. I definitely think I've hit the spot with these outfits. Plus, I know that Dexter will be comfortable in everything he wears and that he's bang on trend too.

I'm a little disappointed that I had to display outfit photos on the floor as I would have loved to have taken photos of Dex in his new outfits, although lets be honest, it's pretty hard to get a really active 21 month old toddler to stand still for more than a second! He's at the terrible two stage just a little bit early, and as you can imagine threw a little bit of a tantrum. He did quieten down when he saw Spider-Man and dinosaurs though!

Why not have a look on Twitter under the #WBabyWT hashtag and see what other bloggers and their little ones have come up with for this tag? I hope their little ones have been easier to work with!

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  1. These are super cute! I don't know how people get outfit shots of their kids.. Must be a quick shutter speed haha